10 Best Mobile Apps for Education
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10 Best Mobile Apps for Education

10 June 2019 | Source: Oswaal Books Editorial Board | Join the Discussion

10 Best Mobile Apps for Education

Mobile is an awesome gadget which is used in all areas of our life. Presently, smartphones and tablets can be the best mode for gaining knowledge and skill through the various educational apps which have become the best and most reliable learning material at present. In this blog, we will discuss the Top 10 mobile apps which are apt for education.

1. Google Play Books:-

Google is mind blowing and reliable source for anything from the time of its inception. You can buy any material from this app starting from fantasy, fiction, comics, non-fiction, etc. you can also find numerous educational books, guidebooks, textbooks which are great to enhance your preparation. Prices are quite affordable. If you are not a fan of this app then you can avail e-books from Noble Nook or even Amazon Kindle.

2. EdX:-

This is just wow educational app which doesn’t offer any material or course from the experts rather you can directly do the courses from the renowned universities. But please be aware that you will not be offered any degree. No matter whichever course you are looking for under the sun you can do it, avail the study material, brochures, online and offline coaching, etc. The best part of this app is that it’s absolutely free.

3. MyScriptCalculator2:-

This is a fun app for maths both for children and adults. You can write your problem with a stylus or finger. Then the apps solve the problem. It a fantastic calculator to have on your Smartphone. Through this calculator you can solve general calculations, algebra, arithmetic problems, and trigonometry, all the basic problems are solved. This app is useful for small children, high school, and the initial phase of college.

4. Quizlet:-

It is one of the best flashcards app. this app can be used for preparing any topic for any class. It can be used for foreign language learning, audio and images so you can even share the flashcards with your friends as well. If you are using the free version then you will be only allowed to use a few cards.

5. Udemy:-

This is a wonderful app which comprises of 32,000 courses starting from the science to technology and also foreign language. You can even learn diversified topics such as marketing, design, business, health, music, entrepreneurship, photography and fitness. You can take up the free as well as paid courses. This app consists of the features of the websites as well.

6. Khan Academy:-

One of the most reliable educational apps which comprise of numerous course. It present comprises of more than 10,000 instructional classes, videos, etc. This app is absolutely free where you can study subjects such as history, science, mathematics, and economics, etc. Even they offer an app for the kids who are really great and free of cost.

7. Socratic:-

It’s a dynamic app in which you can take photos of the problems of the various subjects and then it answers the same. You can solve the numerous subjects’ problems, through this app. Though this app is free of cost still this is best for the higher school children. If you want then you can also follow the Oswaal books as they are very helpful for preparing and the best part is that you get the help books for all the classes and subject wise.

8. Wolfram Alpha:-

This app is somewhat similar to the Socratic app, but this one has more to offer its users. You can solve mathematical questions; ask anything in geography and history as well. This is best for higher secondary students or college. The only issue is with connection problem rest it’s the best one.

9. SoloLearn:-

It’s a developer on Google Play and it centrally focuses on computer programming. You can learn numerous computer languages such as – Java, C++, and PHP. Python, CSS, SQL, Swift, HTML, etc. these languages can be learned free of cost through this app.

10. YouTube:-

This doesn’t need any introduction because this app has all the answers to your questions, well explained by the experts through the videos. Though you cannot pursue any course through this app still you can manage with the video. If you desire to watch the video without the commercials then you have to pay $9.99 each month.


With the advancement in technology, we have grown a lot. Our way of studying has also changed but still the authenticity and preparing your examinations can be done best through the books only. So if you also desire to prepare from the best help books and resources then you should get acquainted with Oswaal publishers because they offer the best study material for any course under the sun.

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