5 tips to crack RRB NTPC in the first attempt

5 tips to crack RRB NTPC in the first attempt

11 September 2020 | Source: Oswaal Books Editorial Board

The RRB NTPC( Non-Technical Popular Categories) examination is conducted once every year by the Railway Recruitment Board all over India to fill up the vacancies for Goods Guard, Traffic Assistant, Commercial apprentice, etc. in the Indian Railway Sector. 

RRB NTPC Exam Pattern: Everything You Need To Know

It is a 90 minutes objective exam which is divided into 3 sections of Mathematics, General Awareness, and General Intelligence and Reasoning. The dispensation of question goes as follows:

  • General Awareness and Current affairs: 20
  • General Science: 25
  • Mathematics: 25
  • General Intelligence & Reasoning: 30

As the exam is conducted all over India, candidates in huge volume appear for the same, making the exam a little hard to crack in the first attempt. But it is not impossible to qualify for the RRB NTPC exam in the first try. Here Oswaal Books is sharing some tips which can help you to crack the exam in the very first attempt if you work towards it modishly.


1. Create a practical plan

Only the students who remain disciplined throughout the preparation of this exam are able to qualify the examination with some ease. One has to be diligent and consistent towards their efforts in order to clear an exam that comes with a high difficulty level and even higher competition. The study plan that you will be creating must be practical and easy to follow. Designing a time table so that you are able to dedicate your efforts and time to different sections of the syllabus accordingly is the first thing to do. You must follow that schedule with utmost sincerity. Once you have started following the time table regularly, the rest of the preparation will start falling into place. Make sure the timetable has proper breaks and time to relax as it is equally important. Although, you must dedicate  8-10 hours a day to your preparation and your main aim should be understanding the concepts instead of just mugging them.


2. Solving previous year papers

We cannot stress enough on the importance of the previous year papers. In order to crack this exam, you must be aware of the exam pattern. Referring to the previous year papers will help you understand the type of questions that are asked, which topics have the most weightage and a list of questions that are repeated almost every year. You take all this into consideration and set your priority topics accordingly. 

The query that now arises is where can one find good previous year papers as well as sample papers? Oswaal RRB NTPC Test Series is the book you can refer once you are done with your syllabus or in the midst of it. Oswaal RRB book comes with-

  • Updated content as per the structure of the RRB Question paper and latest syllabus
  • 10 previous year’s question papers
  • 10 mock tests and comprehensive exam preparatory material
  • Tools like hints, tips, tricks to help the student build a better understanding

This RRB NTPC book from Oswaal renders a set of tips and tricks for all the sections. It also helps the students decipher the exact examination pattern to build accuracy in answering questions. There are smart key answers and QR codes for solutions embedded in the book. Oswaal RRB NTPC Test Series promises upcoming exam schedules based on the state and central government amendments, and detailed insights making the understanding a little more uncomplicated. 

Frequent practice of previous year papers and mock tests not only provides you with great insight but will also help you in managing your time which might spare you some time for revision during the examination.



3. Improving General knowledge and Vocabulary

As you might be knowing in RRB NTPC examination there is a separate section of general knowledge that holds a good amount of weightage. So you must be aware of all the current news and affairs that are taking place around you. Newspapers and news channels are a rich source of current affairs. They provide you with information about various important events and affairs taking place around the world. Going through newspapers and magazines daily not only just keeps you up to date about the surroundings but also helps in improving your vocabulary. A good vocabulary is also a must for you to clear the exam.


4. Revising regularly

Going through your syllabus once or twice only might not be enough for you to crack a competitive exam in the first attempt. There might be some topics that you might not be good at. This implies that you need to revise everything that you have studied for this exam. Remember, revising the syllabus will not just help in memorising the concepts but will also brush your understanding. Do not overlook any topic as each one is considered important in competitive exams. Learning just about the basics might not get you that far. It is really important that you study all the topics thoroughly with proper understanding. 


5. Focusing on strengthening your weak areas

As all the candidates are aware of the fact that the syllabus is segregated in 3 sections i.e, General Awareness, Mathematics, and General Intelligence and Reasoning, every student is strongly recommended to start preparing for the most important topics or ones which are frequently asked for the RRB NTPC exam. Giving priority to the important topics will lead to enhanced and systematic preparation. Create a list of all the important topics and analyze your strong as well as weak areas. Firstly start working towards all the weak areas and dedicate your time towards the improvement as strong areas can be taken care of by the end. 

In addition to these tips, the students are also advised to learn short cut methods in order to increase their calculation speed, which might help in saving their time during the examination. If you are not well versed with your shortcuts, kindly avoid using them as it might lead to a waste of time. Make sure you all go through the basics first for a good command on your topics and create notes and mind maps as well. Notes will prevent you from cramming and will prove to be helpful when the exam is near.



Any and every competitive exam requires proper concentration and exposure to comprehensive content. First of all, familiarise yourself with the syllabus and the topics properly. Finalize the textbooks and reference books from which you would want to prepare. Make sure you work on your weaker areas and revise thoroughly. These tips are surely going to help you crack your RRB NTPC exam in the first attempt. Along with these tips, students are advised to create their study plan after going through these tips in order to perform excellently in their exams.

In your view what can be the other tips to crack RRB NTPC in the first attempt? Share your views in the comment section below.


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