Why Oswaal Question Banks are your perfect guide to secure 90+ in CBSE class 10 board exams?

Why Oswaal Question Banks are your perfect guide to secure 90+ in CBSE class 10 board exams?

7 September 2020 | Source: Oswaal Books Editorial Board

Preparation for CBSE class10 board exams can be painstaking and diligent but grinding for them in the right way and following an established process will help you score well. Besides studying from textbooks, it has become very important to refer to Sample Papers, Question Banks, etc. for an extensive understanding of not just the concept but all the possible questions that can be asked in the examination. 

New publishers are mushrooming every day, each promising a better approach. However, it is always better to learn from an expert. Students should choose the best reference books so that they do not end up confused. Oswaal Books have a legacy of expertise in the field of education. They have been providing an array of subject-wise and chapter-wise question banks and sample papers for each class. Since ages, Oswaal Books have been a reliable source of preparing for exams. Now, let us find out why Oswaal Books CBSE Question Banks are the best for students.

What is a Question Bank?

Question Banks are known as the insightful book of questions which comprises-

  1. Previous year examination
  2. List of all questions obtained with an exam software
  3. List of all questions in a particular exam


Significance of Question Banks

Securing virtuous marks in 10th class is quite grave and of great consequence as it helps you choose your preferred stream while you get promoted in class 11th. In order for you to score well, you must first finish studying from your NCERT books as most of the questions are on the lines of NCERT book and are from the book itself. Only after thoroughly going through your NCERT books, you should start practicing from reference books and question banks. Practicing from question banks can really help you score 90+ in your CBSE 10th class as the question bank contains important questions related to every chapter. 

  • Question banks will familiarise you with all the possible questions that can be asked in the examination
  • These are elaborate practice sets which increase your understanding of each and every topic
  • These help you add more to the study material as you can cover almost everything when you practice different types of questions
  • Helps in increasing IQ and acts as a mental exercise for a lot of students

Now the most sought after query of every 10th class student is which question bank they should refer to. 


How Oswaal Books CBSE Question Bank is best?

For more than 35 years, Oswaal Books has been providing the students with incredible options for exam preparation. They help the students walk through each and every concept in detail with examples and comprehensive explanation. Given below are the reasons why one should refer Oswaal CBSE Question Bank for CBSE 10th board.

  1. Oswaal books update their content every year according to the guidelines of CBSE which implies that the students will only not get confused and will be able to study relevantly.
  2.  It comes with previous year question papers in order to help you understand the format of the examination. This will also provide you with the questions that are recurrent and you can prepare for them on priority.
  3. You can check your answers after solving the questions as it also provides you with the correct solution.
  4. The language of the books is quite uncomplicated which makes it easier for the students to comprehend the concepts.

Referring to an appropriate question bank can really help you in your preparation in various ways and Oswaal books have compiled the solutions of all your queries in the question bank books for varied subjects. They have years of experience and provide a reliable source of preparing for exams. The best part is that they haven’t overdone any topic or any subject. The idea is to provide with the right, the exact, and most appropriate set of essentials for every student.

What can be the other reasons to say Oswaal Books’ Question Banks as a perfect guide for CBSE class 10 board exams? Share your views in the comment section below.


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