5 Benefits of E-Learning for Students

5 Benefits of E-Learning for Students

27 May 2020 | Source: Oswaal Books Editorial Board

E-learning is the new-age learning. It only requires you to have a digital device and access to the internet to open a vast world of knowledge to you. Across the world, more and more students are resorting to e-learning every day.

There are many reasons why e-learning has become popular with students in recent times. Here Oswaal Books has compiled all these reasons into the 5 benefits of e-learning as below.

1. Anywhere, anytime

E-learning doesn’t need any infrastructure to thrive. Hence, it doesn’t matter whether you’re living on the top of a mountain or on a beach. E-learning brings the best of education to even the remotest of locations in the world without compromising on quality. With e-learning, you can carry around education in your pocket and start learning anytime you want, irrespective of your location. E-learning is the first mode of education which is flexible enough to accommodate almost everyone’s needs.

2. Saves Resources

E-learning saves a lot of resources. Because e-learning has brought education to students’ own space, they don’t need to commute to the school every day. Hence, a lot of time is saved. Students can utilize this time to channel their creative thinking and invest time in sharpening their skills.

Moreover, schools don’t need to establish and maintain an infrastructure to accommodate the growing demands of learning when it comes to e-learning. This leads to savings in electricity, water, and less wastage compared to classroom learning.


3. Learning at Your Own Pace

Enabling self-paced learning is of utmost importance to provide a free learning environment to every student so that they can grow at their own pace. However, traditional classroom models cannot fully commit to this. For knowledge shared in traditional classrooms is limited by a lot of factors: the teacher’s knowledge, limited time, and the limited resources available in the classroom. All this slows down learning for different students with different paces of learning.

With e-learning, this is not the case. Each student gets to learn at their own pace. Since lectures are recorded, each lecture can be revisited again if the student wishes too. After revisiting the lectures, you can test your knowledge with worksheets. Oswaal Book’s “Chapter-wise Pullout Worksheetsfacilitate regular practice to retain greater knowledge.  Order your favorite subject’s worksheet collection from our website today!

4. Better Knowledge Retention

With e-learning, students can accelerate or slow down lectures. They can skip some parts for later if they wish to. They can go back and revisit a lecture if and when they want.

Since each student learns at their own pace, the knowledge retention rate increases with e-learning. Even research studies support this claim. Some studies have shown that as compared to the 8-10% knowledge retention in a traditional classroom, students retain 25-60% more information with e-learning.

5. Instills Interactive Learning

Gone are the days the backbenchers’ quivering fingers raised to ask questions would go unanswered. For e-learning provides an equal opportunity for each student to probe their instructor for doubts. Every student involved in the course has an equal opportunity to ask questions to their instructor. This instills an environment of equal and interactive learning with better learning aids as compared to classroom learning.  

In this rapidly evolving world, such new-age methods of learning as a must to keep up with the fast-paced changing times. With the above-listed benefits, e-learning has proven to be a compendium of all such evolved and polished learning methods which is beneficial for all students.


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What can be the other benefits of E-Learning please share your views on the comment section below.



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