Top 3 Resolutions Students Should Pick Up to Succeed in Class 10 This Year

Top 3 Resolutions Students Should Pick Up to Succeed in Class 10 This Year

20 May 2020 | Source: Oswaal Books Editorial Board

Class 10 is the time when students take their first big leap into the world of higher studies. This is also the period when many students face board exams for the first time. Their anxiety is on an all-time high even as they’re flooded with a list of “Dos” and “Don’ts” from every direction. To make it easier for you, Oswaal Books brings to you the top 3 resolutions student should pick up to succeed in class 10 this year.

Each of these three revolutions will solve three major troubles of every class 10 student and will ease their journey.

1.Revise Your Basics

No matter what board you’re from, class 10 is all about all the basic concepts you’ve learned till now. The mountain of syllabus and topics will be much easier to conquer if your basics across all subjects are clear. Hence, we urge you to go back a few years and revise the basic concepts across all major subjects right from where it starts. Not only will this help you ace your class 10, but it will also lay down the foundation to clear entrance and competitive exams in the future.


2.Practice A Lot

You must have been introduced to numericals a few years ago but rest assured they’re going to be a vital part of your higher studies, no matter which stream you choose. We, therefore, ask you to inculcate the habit of practicing such numericals instead of merely reading across them. It is practice alone that will help you score full marks in numericals which can in turn drastically improve your overall score in the class 10 results.

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3.Build a Healthy Mind and Body

To ace in any exam and to perform your best, you should start practicing the nurturing of a healthy mind and a healthy body. Class 10 specifically is the time most students start experiencing anxiety, sleeplessness, lack of appetite, and other health issues due to the immense pressure of board exams. In such cases, building a healthy mind and a healthy body proves to be of immense benefit.  A healthy body will prevent you from running into health issues and ensure that your schedule is not hampered whereas a healthy mind will enable you to take in all that knowledge and perform your best during the upcoming exams.

For the well-being of your physical health, we recommend inculcating healthy eating habits, regular and sufficient sleep, and a balanced diet. For your mental well-being, we recommend focusing on physical wellbeing, some yoga or meditation, some digital detoxification, and some quality time with your family without any TV or digital device in your vicinity.


If you have a sibling, a friend, or a relative who will be grappling with class 10 exams soon, we urge you to insist them to pick up the above three resolutions. Not only will it ease a majority of their problems, but these resolutions will also instill in them a much-needed discipline to help them in their class 10 journey and eventually their transition into the world of higher studies.


What can be the other resolutions Students Should Pick Up to Succeed in Class 10 This Year? Share your views on the comment section below


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