5 Resources That’ll Make Your Class 10 Results Better

5 Resources That’ll Make Your Class 10 Results Better

15 May 2020 | Source: Oswaal Books Editorial Board

The world of multiple study resources has opened unprecedented boundaries for students to explore different ways in which they can study. Such methods divert your mind from the conventional way of rote memorization and instead focus on efficient learning techniques.

With the idea of “smart work, not hard work”, Oswaal Books brings to you a list of 5 resources to take your class 10 results to the next level.


1.Video Lectures

Visuals are the best way to explain an idea to someone. That is why we have class lectures. Unfortunately, not many schools have the provision to record lectures and let students replay them. Luckily, there are online video lectures recorded for this very purpose.

Divided by chapters and topics within chapters, online video lectures bring classroom lectures at your fingertips. You can replay specific lectures or parts of lectures whenever you want and also slow them down so that you can take notes.

At Oswaal Books, our Concept Videos fulfill this very purpose. Click here to enter the world of our concept videos!

2. E-Books

E-Books have revolutionized the way we study, without having to carry all our resources around with us. A product of digitization, you just need a viewing device with an internet connection to carry hundreds of books at your fingertips with e-books. At Oswaal Books Almost all paperbacks are available as e-books now so you can carry a multitude of books with you at your fingertips.

Oswaal books deliver the e-book versions of your favorite Oswaal books in less than five minutes. Order your most important books as e-books now and never miss the opportunity to open a book and study no matter where you go.


3. Worksheets and Question Papers

It doesn’t matter how many times you study something. If you don’t solve actual questions the way you will in your class 10 exams, there are tons of scenarios you’re bound to miss. Worksheets and question papers also help you pick the potential variation of questions that may arise out of a particular topic. Moreover, solving questions not only tests the effectiveness of your learning, but it also prepares you for the actual exams so that you can answer questions in the limited time frame with the exact number of required data points with ease.  The more number of question papers you solve, the better you groom yourself for the d-day.

Delve into our world of class 10 sample question papers and Class 10 Question banks at Oswaal books here. Curated carefully according to respective board exam papers, our question papers are a repository to help you score better marks in your exams.



Flashcards, as the name suggests, are card-sized notes you can easily carry around like a deck of playing cards in your pocket. What you choose to write on them is completely up to you.  When it comes to flashcards, such byte-sized portable information resources are certainly learning under-rated and should be used more often in the process of learning.  You can prepare a card for calculation formulas of a particular subject. You can also tables or diagrams on these cards. Mnemonics or pictorial representations on flashcards are a great way to remember and revise concepts.

5.Online Quiz

Need a break from the regular question-answer method of revisions? Try online quizzes. Specially catering to the MCQ(Multiple Choice Questions) format of most entrance and competitive exams, online quizzes are a great way to test your knowledge. Almost all these online quizzes will also reveal to you the correct answers if you’ve marked a question wrong so that when you retake the same quiz, you can correct your mistake and mark the right answer. This way, you can learn about your weak areas based on your quiz scores as most of these quizzes are also categorically divided into topics and individual chapters.


It is possible that some of you are already familiar with one or more of the above.what can be the other resources to make your class 10 result better, please share your views in the comment section below the blog.

However, the last thing that you should do in class 10  is to undermine the power of such unconventional learning resources. For all you know, using them could bring drastic improvements to your class 10 scores and you might never look back on conventional learning methods ever again!



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