7 Simple Secrets to Rock in Your class 10 Board Exams

7 Simple Secrets to Rock in Your class 10 Board Exams

5 February 2020 | Source: Oswaal Books Editorial Board

Class 10th is a season of uncertainty and unpredictability. Although we all are bound to do things in a manner to achieve the highest of all efficient results, still for the students of class 10th, board examinations are a thing about which they ponder and often get stacked with confusion. So Oswaal Books comes up with 7 simple secrets to rock in your class 10th board examinations-


1.Utter optimism

No matter what the conditions are, how blues your circumstances may become, optimism is the most prominent key dyed-in-wool to stay motivated and to keep on doing things, it helps you keep on surfing through the odds and clouds and dirt, making extraordinary efforts for something very ordinary, trust me. And guess what, you end up getting the best out of you.


2. Decide

Decisions are very important, especially when it is about your career. There is a slight gap between decision and commitment.  A decision may be anything, it may range from setting weekly, monthly goals to the completion of your target. The reason behind the irregularity in thoughts is that many people think, they don’t decide. Once you have taken the ‘decision’ into account, things will change significantly.


3. Commit

Commitment comes after the decision. A commitment is not something like a casual philosophy of rudimentary thoughts. It’s an hourly fight, fight from your fears, fight from the odds, be it the dense syllabus, or the topic that you find tough to gallop. A commitment will take you from here to a place where no odds will play the counter role in your exam preparations. That’s why oswaal books are committed towards your commitment. They are made in such a manner that nothing will be left untouched, no page will be left unturned.


4. Resolve

Sorting out things of the contentious matter is called resolving. Once you have decided something, you have to commit yourself to it and the very thing of concern that falls just after committing is resolving. Oswaal books, in the first phase of your commitment, will help you out to have a sneak-peek into the future up-comings. In the next phase of your commitment, oswaal question banks will muster you up with quantized ammunition for your exams.


5. Be persuasive

If you’re not persuasive you will never be able to follow your goals. Exams are meant to test your persuasive attitude towards learning new things. Questions termed as HOTS are exactly something testing your persuasive attitude towards the subject. They test how much you can prepare by going out of the box. Going out of the box means preparing what others are not preparing. Armed in a way that no odds can penetrate. Have a look at the first few pages of Oswaal Sample Question Papers and they will give you a little smell of triumph. Many times it happens that students leave the topic they find hard to understand, out of anxiety or frustration, this is the very point when you have to be persuasive, persuasive towards finding the solution at the ultimate try.


6. Take frequent breaks-Taking frequent breaks will give your mind and body an opportunity to rejuvenate. Long intervals of studies at a single stretch eat up your mind and soul. Understand your capacity of diluting the things, once you start feeling puzzled, give yourself a break, go out, breath and then get back again. Keeping on puzzling your mind, will ultimately lead to nothing but just wasting your time. Sleep properly as it is very much needed to prosper your mind for new challenges. But there is a caution in this, taking too long breaks will also lead to a phase where you might have to start things from the beginning, so learn the stats of your mind, work accordingly. 


7. Be your own mentor- Being one’s mentor means teaching yourself how to get out of a squiggly situation. Getting suggestions, and mentorship from different ones will lead to a puzzling stacking of confusion. More cooks, spoil the broth is what they say. It is your life and you need to learn how to deal with things that are coming your way. So be your own mentor, the best mentor.


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