The 3 Greatest Challenges faced by a class 10 student

The 3 Greatest Challenges faced by a class 10 student

29 January 2020 | Source: Oswaal Books Editorial Board

Class 10th is undoubtedly one of the most concerning gateways for a student. Depending upon the choice of the field several students have already this goal of aiming up their marks for their choice of stream. Of course, it is the time of uncertainty with which comes tonnes of confusion and loads. But, Alas!! It is also the time when students have to stay calm and work accordingly. So, here are the “Might Possible” 3 greatest challenges that a student of class 10th can face: -

1.Pressure of expectations

The pressure of expectations can also be understood as a load of standing firm on someone else’s circumference of success. Many times, it happens with all of us that we get this thought of doubt on our own calibre and capabilities. The main reason behind this is that we all are brought up in an environment of satisfying other’s expectations throughout the life span. The same thing comes into play with the students, especially when they have class 10th board examinations. It’s been told to all of them regarding the expectations of family, friends, and relatives. Eventually, the student starts working to full fill the expectations of the concerned people having high hopes from them. And in their push to fulfill their definition of success students often get drowned up in a mess they can’t get out from. The thing we all should understand here is that we all are responsible for what we are doing today, in present. And nobody really gets affected with the consequences but us, and mostly us. So why do we let the outer world influence us in a manner where we start doing things for others and not for us?

2. Balancing Diverse Learning Needs

keeping everything in tune is very important, especially when you’re preparing for class 10th board examinations. With changing times, students are facing diverse syllabus along with frequent changing examination patterns. Challenge comes when one has to cope up with such diversities. Oswaal sample books and oswaal help books are surely a solution that provides you the best available updated syllabus along with all the expertise. Going through the first few pages of the book itself will give you tremendous insight into what you have got in your hand. Trust me your textbooks are never enough that too when there is such a diverse education system in the country. That’s where oswaal sample papers come into play, preparing you to bring out the best result in your class 10th board examinations. Your diverse learning needs may range from having several help books to interactive learnings. Nothing but a clear-cut peek into the future up-comings can help you in the best possible manner. Nobody really knows what type of paper you’re going to get this time, so in such a period of uncertainty oswaal question banks will surely gear you up amazingly. I have tried it, I have achieved it. And I want the same for you.

3.Lack of Parental Support

Apart from exam preparations, the most important and crucial backbone of success is parental support which gives you a mental rooting and a sigh of relief because it feels nice when you have parental assurance with you. It is very normal nowadays that little champs are lacking parental support and guidance as well. Result of which they get much pressurized than needed. A sound and relaxing conversation with the parents in between the study gaps is enough to rejuvenate you. It really works. Should the parents understand the basics of their child’s needs, they will be more efficient and more hard-working. Small rewards from parents on several goal completion is awesome. It gives you the winning essence. Talk about your issues with your parents. Learn to understand that your parents are your best mentor. They understand you well and better than anyone else out there. Make them understand your requirements. Speak out your heart, mind, and soul to them. Congesting; thoughts, issues, and problems on this interval of your life when you’re already onto something big, will do no good to you, express yourself loud and clear. That’s how you will extract the best from the available.



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