15 Reasons Why You Should not Ignore class 10 question banks and Sample Papers

15 Reasons Why You Should not Ignore class 10 question banks and Sample Papers

8 January 2020 | Source: Oswaal Books Editorial Board

Scoring a top of a 100 is not that easy, and when does winning was ever easy? But alas! It’s not impossible. Although securing a 100 is not something that can be done by just studying a night before the examinations. You have to follow a full-proof plan along with a proper guidance of what to give more importance. This is where sample papers and question banks come into play. Here are the 15 reasons why you should never ignore class 10th question banks and sample papers:


  1. An idea for the first timers- Class 10th board exams are really a thing of pressure, as students will be experiencing their first board exams. In this aspect it becomes more important that they get well acquainted with the exam papers. Oswaal sample papers and question banks are really a thing to consider when you’re aiming high to secure good marks in examinations. They provide a vast range of previous year questions and also the questions which are most likely to be asked in the upcoming examinations.


  1. Words of the wise- Oswaal sample books are written precisely by the most learned teams, keeping the student’s requirements and expectations in mind. A teacher was once a student, and this very statement falls in place when I personally read oswaal sample papers and question banks. It was always exciting to realize that the book already knows my requirements and queries.


  1. Rome was not built in a day- Oswaal sample papers are designed in a way that teaches students in a sequential manner. A step by step approach to the syllabus leads to an overall knowledge of the whole.


  1. Syllabus is never enough- The various syllabus that is provided by the school nowadays is never enough for the board examinations because the board exams are meant to test overall skills and knowledge of the student that sometimes may lead to the questions which are out of the league. Oswaal sample papers are exactly meant to provide the students with the questions that are coined and thus cannot be found in the text books.


  1. Prepare more prepare better- Preparing for the exams is quite exhausting specially when it is about board exams. It is very obvious that we have to prepare more for them. A vast field of preparation is a must for the board examinations as they have started covering vast fields of questions in the recent paper patterns. That is why it is said prepare more, and hence prepare better.


  1. Grind with variety- This is something I have personally experienced with oswaal sample papers. What I have learnt as a board topper is that we have to develop ourselves to adapt with varieties and diversities. In order to adapt with such modifications in the recent paper patterns oswaal sample papers are designed in a way to give you an experience ranging from the easy questions to the HOTS.


  1. Ignorance is fatal- Knowing that you have resources, stuffs, ability and time to get where you want to be, and still not taking proper steps and putting in enough efforts is something every student is currently indulged into. Never ignore your instincts, trust yours guts and prepare wisely. 


  1. Do what others aren’t doing- When you do something that others are not doing then this will make you stand apart from the crowd. Apart from the crowd, and unique in the crowd is what I call it. In general people follow the old monotonous way of learning where memorizing things is what they do in practice, whereas oswaal sample papers provide you an interactive way where you don’t have to memorize things anymore, as it insists the students to create new ideas, and ideologies by themselves. 


  1. Exploration is good- Oswaal question banks are a good peek to the vide exploration of examination realities nowadays. Literally! the way patterns of examinations are getting updated today, it is really hard to cope up with the latest modifications of examination. And turning a face into these question banks is really a thing I would suggest to all class 10th students.


      10.Summarizing is revising – It’s been said that revision is everything.It really doesn’t                        matters how much prepared you’re for the board exams if you have not revised your preparations            properly. Oswaal sample books and question banks comes with short briefing of the summary of the chapter which is of a crucial help when it comes to revising things in a short period of time.

      11.Be prepared for the exceptions- Examinations are               meant to test your patience and                                             persistence. They always put up few brain teasing                   questions to screw things up. Not to worry, because                 these questions are the easiest to solve, should you                 get your mind get working efficiently   and that you’re             already acquainted with such questions. The more you             practice exceptional questions, the more confident you             will be. Oswaal sample papers are prepared by the                   brightest minds from the farm to reach the needs of a             student.


      12. Practical based problems- The new examination                  patterns have started putting up questions from the                practical world which are of course never mentioned                in your text books. They come out of surprise. Most of              the times we don’t expect such questions. But they                  carry a mammoth amount of score with them. The                  oswaal sample books are prepared specially with                  the updated versions of examination patterns where                all the practical based examples are already                            mentioned and described with utmost of precision.


      13.Questions are never ending- Yes, it is true that we often get repeated questions from the                     previous years, but no one can really wash their hands from the fact that questions are never                   ending. Any question can be coined even if it is not there in the text book. Most of the times we               ignore question banks but in reality, question banks are a thing where you get a stack of each                 and every question that has already been asked previously or that may probably be asked in the             forthcoming examinations.


      14.Using appropriate terminologies- Knowing and writing answers aren’t the only things that you             should consider for securing excellent marks. As a matter of fact, the person correcting your copy             is provided with a key where all the important and expected terminologies are given to him/her               to cross check with the answers that you write. Hence, it is very important to use such                             terminologies to resist any deduction in the marks. Oswaal question banks are written with                 such terminologies that student will find it easy to write and thus will ultimately match the                       standards of the board.


      15.An early bird- Oswaal sample papers are usually published at the very initialization of the                  session. Preparing early with such sample papers and question banks is the easiest way to get                  friendly with what we call BOARD EXAMINATIONS.And soon they will become a cake walk for                  you. Easy to approach, and easy to crack.


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