7 fun ways to study for class 5th Mathematics tests

7 fun ways to study for class 5th Mathematics tests

9 January 2020 | Source: Oswaal Books Editorial Board

Math has always been an amazing piece of wonder for centuries. Nothing but just a game of numbers is something that is running the world today. Great mathematicians, few of which amazed the world are Alan Turing, Ramanujan and many more. Do you know that Alan Turing developed a machine which he called Bombe that could break the German Enigma? By using his extraordinary skills and some basic mathematics he stopped Germany in the world war. Math is a savior, isn’t it? Studying math is quite fun, should you choose it to study that way. Here are the 7 fun ways to be prepare for 5th-grade maths test in a more efficient manner:

  1.    Go interactive Mathematics isn’t the game of spectators. You have to get yourself working for it. The best way to not to get bored out of it is to go interactive. Modern time is of computers and mobile phones, undoubtedly you can learn interactively using smart learning programs but for the practice, you can use  Oswaal books worksheets.


  1.    Play and learn-It is a no new fact that children learn more outside of the class than they learn inside the class. Old age studying techniques have made studying quite boring and juiceless. Here is where the concept of play and learn comes into play. The mind works more efficiently while playing. So various games can be used to learn different concepts of mathematics. Few of which are Exponents, Sabotage, Division derby and thinking blocks. Playing such games will make you learn concepts in a better manner.


  1.    Award yourself for daily goals- Setting daily goals is easy but chasing daily goals and completing them on time is a challenging job. Challenge yourself on daily basis to complete various parts of your workbooks and worksheets. Believe me, challenging oneself is the most exciting and fun part you will ever experience. Plus completing that challenge is another level of satisfaction. After completion, award yourself in various ways, such as, go out and take a break for a while, give yourself some leisure time. It will rejuvenate you. 


  1.    Solve puzzles-Sudoku and puzzles are always brain teasing. Teasing your brain opens your neurons and it makes you more intelligent and faster in mathematical calculations. Puzzles increase your speed of doing the math, that is quite helpful during examinations, as you have to do math in a limited time in your examinations. Try to solve daily puzzles that come along with your newspapers. Develop a habit of it. You will feel the difference soon.


  1.    Enlist the formulas- Formulae are the most important element of doing the math. They say master the formulae, master math. Mathematical formulae should always be on the line so that you can use them undoubtedly and without thinking twice whenever you need them. Enlist your formulae on a blank page using different colored markers and stick them around you. It may be your study table or the wall behind you. Just seeing them daily will make a great difference. It will leave a visual print in your mind and you can retrieve them whenever needed.


  1.    Use picture workbooks-Pictures say more than words do. Yes! We all are well acquainted with it. Understanding mathematical concepts with the help of pictures are really fun. And it makes you visualize math in your mind so that you can connect the same workbook concepts to the real world. Trust me the best way to understand something is to connect it from the real world. Not only primary math, in fact in higher mathematics such as engineering math, but it is also the key to success. Picture workbooks are really a thing you should have in your backpack.


  1.    Learn from the real objects- Your workbooks and worksheets are 2-D objects. They picturize things, they describe things. Real objects are 3-Ds. It is of real importance for you to get acquainted with the things which are in your workbook and that can only be done when you actually take those objects in your hands. For example, studying about a sphere, or a circle and seeing its photos itself is not enough, seeing real objects from the real world will make you realize about the soul existence of the particular concept.

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