9 signs you need help with your Board exam preparations

9 signs you need help with your Board exam preparations

21 February 2019 | Source: : Oswaal Books Editorial Board

Board examinations come along with a lot of tensions, stress and weird feeling which is only suspended once the board examinations are over. We all try to give it our best shot to be the top rankers in the board examinations. Oswaal books are the best help books and numerous students have been befitted from it as they could achieve their dreams of being the top-ranked in the board examination. In this article, we will discuss the 9 signs you need help with your Board exam preparations:-

1. Ineffective study sessions-

According to the research, it’s said that ineffective study sessions depict that you need to change it immediately if you want to attain good marks in your board examination. If you are studying 10 hours in one stretch then the result or the outcome of these studies is not fruitful rather than you should break these 10 hours into 1 or 2 hours sessions of preparations and you yourself will find out that your preparations status is improving from before.

2. Improper study timings:-

If you prefer to study throughout the night then please change this habit immediately because it’s noticed that there is a loss of reasoning and memory skills in the students who studied in the night time and even they tend to forget the studied lessons after a few days. The best time for preparations is 3-4 pm as your brain is fresh and ready to grasp the matter fast and assist you to remember for a prolonged duration of time.

3. Highlighting the important content:-

It is often found that the students highlight the vital points in their textbooks so that they can remember it later but this is a faulty method of preparation because it’s ineffective in either comprehending the concept or remembering it for a longer duration. Instead of highlighting you should start making the flashcards as they are excellent memory reinforcement medium.

4. Studying every topic at the same time:-

If you prefer studying the entire syllabus in one time then there are chances that you will neither understand nor remember the entire portions you have studied, so it’s advised that set a goal and then achieve it so that you complete the specific topic perfectly and even the concept of it is crystal clear as well.

5. Focus only on solving the test papers:-

We are usually asked to solve the sample test papers but be very particular with the point when you are solving them as if you are solving the mock tests or the test papers with half preparations then it will adversely affect your preparations. Rather you should try to explain the topic to yourself because once you explain anything you analyze the content and try different forms to make it simple to understand.

6. Lack of Practice:-

Studying alone is not enough rather you should practice or brush up the topics which you have studied last day so that you can remember the previous topics as well. Never forget the phrase, Practice, practice & practice till you succeed.

7. No evaluation& continuous preparations:-

If you are not aware of your preparation status how can you say that you are ready to face the board examination? The best way you can evaluate your preparations status is by solving the sample question banks. Once you prepare a subject, solve its test series so that you are aware of your strengths and weakness and according continue your preparation.

8. Insufficient resources:-

If you desire to rock your examination and attain highest grades then you have to put in extra labor as well, hope you remember the phrase-“No pain without gain”, this means that you have to prepare the syllabus with your textbooks and also through the best resources which will upgrade your answers than other students and fetch you excellent marks as well.

9. Getting stressed out:-

It’s very normal to get stressed out if you are preparing for any kind of examination. If you feel a stressed maximum of the time then you can take a break, go for a walk, and listen to some instrumental or classical music. All these are very helpful to make you fresh and increase your concentration levels as well because once it is a truth that if you are stress frees you will perform better than before.


Whenever you feel that you need extra assistance for preparing any sort of examination just log onto our website and find the best help books by Oswaal Publications and to evaluate your preparations we also have the Sample Question Paper and the Sample Question Bank. We are sure these will upgrade your grades in your examination.

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