13 silly mistakes to be avoided in examinations


13 silly mistakes to be avoided in examinations

5 Feb | Source: : Oswaal Books Editorial Board

Exams are knocking at the door and you are busy in your preparations, but keep in mind that no error will buy you more marks. In this article, we have illustrated 13 common or silly mistakes which should be avoided in the examination. If you desire to get more marks then we would recommend you to follow Oswaal books and solving the Sample Question Bank which will be adding icing on the cake.

The following are the 13 common or silly mistakes which should be avoided in the examination.

1. Improper reading of the questions:-

Maximum of the students lose their marks because they don’t read the questions patiently. So read all the questions patiently, properly, and mark the important keywords in it, so that you can quickly frame up your answer.

2. Carelessness:-

While writing the answers you have to be very particular about the grammar, spellings, tone of the speech, etc and try your level best not to make a single mistake because this leads to a reduction in the marks.

3. Lengthy answers:-

Please understand that you are not getting marks for filling up the space provided, rather you will gain marks on quality answers. Your focus should be to write error-free answers to all the attempted questions.

4. Lack of planning:-

Once you get the question paper, you have to decide which questions you will be attempting and how much time you need to write to them. Proper time management planning should be done before writing the answers so that you have ample time for revision.

5. Too much data:-

You should inculcate the talent of choosing the important points from your textbooks and illustrate them in your answers whenever it’s necessary. The unwanted matter will reduce the credentials of your answers.

6. Not using the course material:-

It often happens that we have left the entire portion of our syllabus but we have to answer the question pertaining to that topic. At this time the students tend to make stories and write the answer which is not accepted at all. So you have to read the entire syllabus or attempt only those questions about which you are well versed.

7. Nervousness:-

We all become nervous and tend to make silly mistakes in lieu of completing the paper on time. Never do this in your examination, be patient and compact yourself before you start to answer the questions.

8. Faulty preparations:-

If you have done your preparations 100% then you tend to write well in your examinations. Preparations don’t mean that you only have to study rather you also have to solve the previous year’s question papers which assists you while appearing for your examinations.

9. No idea what to do when:-

If you are stuck in any question, never sit with it and waste your time and energy, rather move to the different question and try to complete the rest questions on time and then with fresh mind answer the left questions.

10. Focusing on other students:-

The moment you get the question paper collect your thoughts and concentrate only on yourself and never focus on other students deeds as it will only distract you from writing and completing your paper on time.

11. Not Drink ample water:-

Drinking water hydrates your mind and body, so if you are stuck or feel restless while answering the examination, you should drink some water and relax for a while. This might sound stupid but it really works once you are stressed in your examination.

12. Heavy breakfast:-

You might think this point is meaningless but, it’s exactly the best example of cause and effect. If you are eating heavy breakfast before your examination then there are chances that you may feel sleepy or heavy which stops you from concentrating on your examination. So eat light breakfast before your examination.

13. No time for revision:-

Revision is the most important part as it’s a fact that proper revision gains you more marks, i.e., if you have time for revision then you can correct silly mistakes which you have made during answering the questions.


Examination phase brings tension, stress, and nervousness but there is no substitute for hard work so just concentrate on your preparations. Follow the saying, “to get more you have to work more”, so if you also desire to get more marks in your examinations then you should prepare from the Oswaal books and evaluate your preparations by solving the Sample Question Bank by Oswaal Publications.

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