13 Most Frequently Asked Questions About College Admissions


13 Most Frequently Asked Questions About College Admissions

23 Jan | Source: : Oswaal Books Editorial Board

Congratulations! You have completed your school education and embarking on college life! It is going to be a new, exciting and memorable phase of your life. However, before you go college-hunting, there are certain questions, suggested by "Oswaal Books", you need to ask to ensure that you are getting admission in the right place.

Take a look at these questions.

1. What is the admission process?

All colleges have different admission criteria – entrance tests, group discussions or/and interviews, or simply on the merit basis.

2. What are the major and minor subjects offered in a particular stream?

Major is your core specialization while minor is the secondary subject but complement the main degree. For instance, major in business with a minor in a foreign language if you want to build an international career.

3. What are other programmes included in the curriculum?

Find out if the college has industry visits, expert lectures, internships, projects, student exchange programmes, etc., are included in the curriculum.

4. Who is the faculty?

The lecturers/professors should have good command over the subject and be experienced in teaching. Also, check out the percentage of faculty that is full-time and part-time or in the capacity of guest lecturers.

5. What is the grading system?

This is very important as you have to show the grades while getting a job and seeking admission in foreign universities for higher studies.

6. Is there a placement cell and what is the placement ratio?

If there is a placement cell in the college, you have good chances of getting campus placement. Higher the placement ratio, better the college reputation.

7. What is the average class size?

This indicates how much competition you will have and whether the instructor would be able to pay individual attention.

8. Is there any scholarship or financial assistance offered by the college?

If you are planning to cover your admission fee and other academic expenses on your own, find out if the college offers any help in the form of scholarships, loans or any other monetary aid. This will help you to plan your expenses and decide how to source the shortfall money.

9. What are the amenities made available on the campus?

Some colleges share their campus with other institutions. Depending on the location, the amenities may vary. However, make sure that the college offers a well-stocked library, multipurpose room, cafeteria and hygienic restrooms among the basic amenities.

10. What are the rules and regulations?

Every college has a certain protocol to follow with respect to conduct, dress code, timings, and many other aspects. While the rules and regulations should not be an issue, it is better to read them so that you know what you are jumping into.

11. Is there any hostel or residential facilities?

If you are an outstation student, this could be an important criterion to choose a college. A campus hostel is cheaper and safer than a paying guest or other residential options.

12. Are there any student clubs/committees?

In case you would love to be part of any student clubs in the college, ask about this too. These clubs are usually formed for non-academic development of students and showcase their talent or leadership abilities.

13. What is the campus culture of the college?

A college ain’t any fun if there aren’t any fun things to do. So, find out if the college conducts cultural programmes, socials, and fests around the year.

These questions will help you to make the most of your college research.

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