What NOT to Do in the Board Exams


What NOT to Do in the Board Exams

18 Jan | Source: : Oswaal Books Editorial Board

The days of the board examinations hold special significance in the life of a student. While the last minute preparation and hard work are important to get excellent results but your attitude before board exams also matter a lot! It is observed that many students make some mistakes in board exams and do not score good marks. This only adds to stress and disappointment.

Now everyone tells you what you should do in the board exams. But, Here "Oswaal Books" is giving you a list of things you must not do in the board exams.

1. Don’t Study for Long Hours

You must avoid studying long hours just before board exams. It can make you feel tired and confused. A sound sleep of 7-8 hours allows the brain to work properly and remain stress- free. Also, you must take small breaks in between your studies. During these breaks, do whatever makes you feel good and rejuvenate you from studies for a while.

2. Don’t Over Think About Scores

Marks are important, but they do not define your career. Your intelligence and knowledge about a subject count a lot more than what you score on paper. So, avoid thinking about marks as they can add stress and anxiety. Just study well for your board exams and focus on understanding concepts rather than mugging up.

3. Don’t Give Unplanned Answers

Many students tend to answer questions without proper planning. Out of confusion, they try to correct answer by writing and scrapping previous points repeatedly. It causes a lot of time wastage and shows poor judgment. Hence, before answering a question, take a minute to plan the order of points.

4. Don’t Write Your Paper in Poor Handwriting

You tend to ignore your handwriting in order to complete your exam before time. It can make your paper look untidy. The examiner will not make any extra effort to interpret your answer and instead just give you less score. Therefore, you must take extra care to write legible answers.

5. Don’t Make Comparisons

You must not compare your methods of study with others. Every student has his or her own strategy of studying and preparing for board exams. Just focus on your study rather than concentrating on what and how others are doing.

6. Don’t Hurry to Complete the Paper

Board authorities allocate the separate time of about 15-20 minutes for you to read and review the question paper. Many students panic looking at the length and complexity of the paper and are not able to use this time wisely. In order to utilize these 15-20 minutes too, you start opting for wrong questions. Later, when you review the paper or get the marks, you repent your decision. As soon as you get the paper in hand, spend a few minutes browsing it from beginning to end so that you know how you want to plan the answers.

7. Don’t Submit Your Paper Without Checking

Don’t be in a hurry to submit your answer sheet without reviewing your answers, grammatical and spelling mistakes. In fact, you should also check your roll number and other important details that highlight that it is your paper.  

8. Don’t Engage in Last Minute Discussion

It is advisable to avoid discussing questions with your friends and classmates. You will feel that you have missed out something or your peers are better prepared than you. Last minute interaction can lead to unwanted stress and anxiety.

9. Don’t Mismanage Your Time

Managing your time is the most important factor in answering all the questions within time. Many students start answering the question paper without planning and end up leaving questions when left with little time. In this way, they are not able to score well in board exams. Hence, you must plan your time in advance and stick to the same.

10. Don’t Take New Topics Just Before Exams

Taking new topics before entering the examination hall, may lead to unnecessary confusion and stress that can result in poor performance in exams.

Thus, these are the few NOT To DO list in board exams that every student must take care of. Don’t take too much mental pressure for your board exams and study well!

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