5 Real-Life Lessons About Board Results


5 Real-Life Lessons About Board Results

27 Dec | Source: : Oswaal Books Editorial Board

The 10th and 12th standard boards are academic milestones that all students need to clear. There wouldn’t be a single student who wouldn’t find the board exams terrifying. The day of board results brings even more anxiety because it could set the next course of action for your future.

If you have passed with flying colors, then nothing like it. Finally, all your hard work and efforts have paid off. But, if you have scored poorly or less than your expectations, you could spiral into depression. Remember that the board results are not a reflection of your capability. They don’t shape or define you.

Here "Oswaal Books" presents five real-life lessons you can learn from board results:

There is Life Beyond Marks

Getting low marks could mean that you may not get admission in the college of your choice. In some cases, you may have to alter your stream too. For instance, you want to opt for science stream after 10th but your percentage is way below the cut-off for admission. There is nothing to worry about. There is no harm in joining a low-profile college or changing your stream. Today, there are umpteen career choices other the conventional degrees in business management, chartered accountancy, engineering or medicine. Think outside the box of your marks!

Nobody Can Steal Your Intelligence, Creativity, and Personality

Have you ever noticed how people who have never been bright students have done exceedingly well in their career? Take, Bill Gates, Steve Jobs and Mark Zuckerberg for example. Marks are not an indication of your intelligence. In fact, intelligence can be measured in various ways – academic, emotional, social, etc. Maybe you are academically average, but your artistic skills, people skills or communications skills are great. You can build your career in the field of arts, teaching, and public relations!

Well-Settled Job is Not Everything

The ultimate aim of getting good marks in board results is to find a well-paying job and settled down well in life. Well, if everyone ended up being a salaried professional, there would have been no entrepreneurs, artists, and innovators in this world! If your interest and passion incline towards exploring business ideas, inventing something, traveling around the world or working your own hours, a well-settled job may not be for you. So, try not to worry much about the board results.

Life is Unpredictable

You expected more marks. You got less in spite of hard work. You can’t do anything about it other than getting your papers re-examined. But, let’s be honest. That isn’t going to change much. Just the way board results are unpredictable, there are no guarantees in life as well. All you can do is to be prepared for the challenges and be flexible to adopt the circumstances that life throws your way. Always have a Plan B.

Time is a Great Healer

It is natural to think about board results until a few weeks after they are declared. You may get upset for not achieving what you wanted. But, within a few months or a year, you would have made peace with the situation and moved ahead in your life. About 15-20 years later, you wouldn’t even remember your marks! If you don’t believe us, ask your parents. People will know you for the person you are.

Finally, remember that only a percentage of students score good marks in board results. But, it doesn’t mean that the career of the rest of the student is doomed. Everyone figures out their life eventually. 

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