A Teacher-Counselor Partnership Is ’Essential’ For Student Success


A Teacher-Counselor Partnership Is ’Essential’ For Student Success

22 Dec | Source: : Oswaal Books Editorial Board

Teachers and counselors, both are the best guidance source for a student. But we often fail to acknowledge the benefit which the student gains if the teacher and counselor join hands. It might seem that a teacher is enough as a guiding and success builder for a student but the advantages of a counselor can’t be afforded to be neglected. The Oswaal books are designed in the format which is a partnership of both the teacher and the counselor as it’s the best study material for the students which can help them in attaining success.

So let’s get started to know how the partnership between a teacher and counselor can uplift the success rate of the students:-

1. If teacher and counselor pay attention to the performance of each student by talking with each other and viewing the assignments done by the students in the class, then gradually, they together can be very helpful for making students successful by teaching the students how to perform better and get good grades as well.

2. Counselors are experts in providing instructions on the career, personal and social up gradation needs and academic requirements of the students. It is proved by the research if the study material is well sorted and compact then the students can understand and learn the content faster. So the association of teacher and counselor can help the students to study with the recent trends and content which will help the students to attain success in their lives.

3. It is very essential that the students should possess certain skills like the analytical, problem-solving skills, resolution skills pertaining to every subject so that they can give it their best shot. These skills can be cultivated in the students by the counselor when the teacher is teaching a certain topic. For example, if the teacher is a teacher about any war, battle or conflict then the counselor can simultaneously teach the students the problem solving or the conflict resolution skills. In this manner, the students will understand the need and application of the skill which will result in making them successful.

4.  In a class, there are many kinds of students- shy, extrovert, introvert, disruptive, polite etc. Many times it happens that the teacher fails to deal with any particular type of students and which can have a negative impact on the student and it will also harm his/her success rate in class. In this case, the best person who can help is the counselor; a school counselor is well trained with different tactics of how to handle any sort of students with any kind of emotions. For example, if any student is not performing well academically and so avoids coming to school, then the counselor can make the student understand and teach him certain skills like- time management, concentration, etc, this, when followed by the students, provide positive results. The main motto of the collaboration between the teacher and the counselor is that if they two work together then they can easily find out the needs and requirements and also the problematic areas of the students and collectively can provide the best solution to them.

5. To make a substantial change in the lives of the students it’s essential that the counselor meets the students and this can only be made possible by the teacher. The class teacher should allow the students to meet the counselor in the class or outside the class according to the comfort level of the students. Once the students will start sharing the problems with the counselor then it will be easier for both the teacher and the counselor to help the students both academically and psychologically.

6. With time there has been a drastic change in the responsibilities of the counselors. Today the counselors are the most dynamic, friendly, curriculum makers and even the best supporters of the students. They even are the guiding source for the career selection of the students. So if the success is the centrifugal point then the counselor has to be provided the rights and freedom to take out the best from each student and in this whole process, the teacher should be supportive if any assistance is required from her side.


Finally, to conclude the teacher and counselor is collaborated with the sole purpose of uplifting and increasing the students’ confidence, academic grade and making them independent so that they can be successful in whichever stream they follow. Oswaal books are designed with the partnership of both teachers and students so that the student studies the content which will lead him to success.

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