How teaching has changed in your experience, over the past 10 years


How teaching has changed in your experience, over the past 10 years

13 Dec | Source: : Oswaal Books Editorial Board

Teachers or Gurus are considered next to God as they are the people who impart knowledge to the children. With time there are lots of changes in the way knowledge is offered and grasped by the students. This has made teaching more challenging as well as demanding in the recent era. But the pass outs or the elder people who have completed their studies around 10 years ago fail to understand the style and format of teaching which is followed in the schools presently. The changes in the teaching pattern can be very well comprehended if you follow The Oswaal Books as they are exactly the mirror to the books followed in any reputed educational institution across the globe. So let us discuss the arenas which have changed the teaching style which was followed 10 years ago.

1. Advanced Technology wins it over:-

Today we are fully surrounded by technology. We can’t survive without the tech devices such as the mobiles, tabs etc. Technology has embraced everything under its domain where education is not the exception. With advanced technology the teaching pattern, curriculum and even what should be taught and when is framed perfectly.

2. Online course – the new form of learning:-

Earlier the students preferred to travel to the school and study, but presently anyone from any part of the world can study anything from an expert of the subject through the Internet. Few of these online courses are absolutely free, which attracts many students to get knowledge from the masters of the subjects from any remote area as well.

3. Mobile – the learning instrument of today:-

Mobile does not do require any introduction and we can even conclude that it has changed the teaching mythology as well. In many schools, the students are taught through the tablets which were next to impossible 10 years ago. Let us know the positive aspects of mobile learning:-

1. Students can find out numerous sources to study, analyze and prepare notes.

2. Schools have also started to have their personal mobile apps which are helpful for the teachers, parents and the students.

3. Mobile technology is the most helpful in distance and correspondence courses, where teachers and students can directly communicate without meeting in person.

4. With rapid usage of mobiles, the students will become technically sound and be aware about the digitalization.

4. Digital games- most accepted form of teaching and learning:-

Before a couple of years, teachers preferred learning through games but this idea was not accepted and executed but presently, it is gradually becoming a part of the curriculum as the teachers think that digital games keep the students engaged as well as increase their concentration abilities. Even the teachers can analyze the performance of the students and guide them accordingly.

5. Collaboration – a focused tool for learning:-

Adjusting, Emphasizing, imitating and even collaboration can be very helpful learning tools for the students. Teachers also impart knowledge through collaboration. The introvert students can collaborate with other students in the class or even with his teacher through the digital portals which are often used by all of us. Advanced tech amalgamated with collaboration can be very effective in learning.

6. Information is meaningless till it’s understood:-

Technology can get more and more advanced but these can never take the place of the teacher, as end of the day we all are human beings and possess emotions which can only be felt by other human beings and not by machines. Tech sound gadgets can only provide information from numerous sources, but there is a requirement of a teacher who will make the students understand the piece of information as, without understanding the information, the students cannot avail the profit from it. So information which is explained and taught to the students by the teachers is called knowledge, which makes the students capable for achieving their dreams in their lives.



We hope that this article has been very helpful for everyone. If still there is any confusion regarding the recent trends of learning, you can grab the Oswaal Books and clear your doubts. If any question or points has to be shared please feel free to post in the comment box below.

Happy Digitalization to Everyone!

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