How to create a positive classroom community


How to create a positive classroom community

6 Dec | Source: : Oswaal Books Editorial Board

Classroom is the place where a student spends around 4-5 hours every day and it’s considered as the temple for knowledge and wisdom so it’s very important that the atmosphere of the classroom should be positive and energetic for the students so that they can inculcate knowledge and information quickly. It’s the responsibility of the teacher to create a healthy and positive environment in the classroom and often it can be done with the help of good books like the Oswal Books which are full of activities and fun related preparations ideas which help the teacher to create a positive environment in the classroom.

Now let us know some of the ways which are very helpful in creating an optimistic environment in the classroom community.

1. Address the students by their names:-

To create a positive environment the teacher has to build a friendly relationship with each and every student of the class, so it’s important to know the names of every student so that the student also feels connected with the teacher and gradually becomes familiar to her.

2. Provide positive vibes:-

Positivity is must in any environment and it becomes easier to create it when your attitude is positive towards your students. So listen to all the problems of every student and make them feel comfortable by your loving and caring nature. Your body language should be positive and never neglect any query or ignore any student in your class. Try to be their friend than a teacher.

3. Respect the students:-

Try to use please and thank you while conversing with the students, initially this might not bear any positive results but with time you will notice that the environment of the class is turning positive as the students will provide respect to each other by just imitating you.

4. Recognize and have eye contact:-

Each and every student is important as if one of them is negative then the whole environment of a class will shatter, so it’s essential that you should recognize everyone and talk with them having an eye contact so that these young kids can feel that you are providing them the importance and their verdict also matters. This will make the classroom more energetic and optimistic as every student will be happy and satisfied.

5. Never allow teasing or bullying in the class:-

From the very beginning, the students should be sure that they are entering a place which is safe for them. Their class is the best place where they can learn, play and express themselves fully. If there is any bullying or teasing then the students will never like to come to the class. So the teachers should be very prompt and alert. If they notice and think like this then you should immediately find out a solution to this and try to mold the mind of the student to some activities which will deviate them from the negative things.

6. Ask for positive feedback:-

Every week conduct one session in which every student should be given a white piece of paper and should be asked to write one positive thing about the other students in the class. Once you collect all the papers then start discussing about the positive points of the students and then thank all the students for being so positive in the class.

7. Greet every student at the entry gate:-

Every day the students should be greeted while entering and leaving the classroom. This has a positive impact on the students’ mind and he feels that he is welcomed and recognizable in the classroom. Slowly the child also starts greeting his teachers, peers and others whom he meets regularly. This creates positivity in his mind and gradually the whole environment of the classroom becomes positive.


We hope that this article has been beneficial for all our readers and all of the teachers who try their level best to turn their classroom’s environment positive and subtle. We would love to help the teachers to create a positive and energetic learning atmosphere in the classroom by our newly updated activities books which will not only increase the analytically and creative skills of the students but also make learning fun as it was never before.

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