How Parents Can Help Their Kids Beat Exam Stress in 10 Easy Ways

How Parents Can Help Their Kids Beat Exam Stress in 10 Easy Ways

20 November 2018 | Source: : Oswaal Books Editorial Board

Exams are stressful times for both children and parents. In fact, parents pass on their anxiety to their children unknowingly. Being adults, it is the responsibility of parents to help their children stay calm. Parental support can ease out the children’s worries to a considerable extent.

Here are 10 easy tips to make your children beat the exam stress.

1. Make a Study Timetable

Understand the exam syllabus and help your child prepare a study schedule. Find out in which subjects s/he is strong and weak. Accordingly, focus on those subjects and develop a learning style.

2. Make Them Work Smart

A number of hours does not equal hard work. The key to studying well is to study smart. Teach your child to grasp the fundamentals than cramming up things. Show them how they can use mind-mapping techniques to remember answers.

3. Don’t Isolate Them

Many times, parents have a tendency to block children from all fun stuff like hanging out with friends, watching television or going out of the home. However, this kind of isolation makes children frustrated, and they may lose their focus. Don’t detach your kids from the rest of the world during exams.

4. Place Restrictions on Social Media

Today’s generation is hooked to digital gadgets and social media. Without realizing, they may end up spending hours on it. The ideal way is to restrict their use, albeit for a few minutes a day in your presence. If they need it to read study material or watch an educational video, you may allow them as per your discretion.

5. Don’t Scold Them for Clutter

When your children are deeply engrossed in studies, it is possible that they may get absent-minded and may become oblivious to other activities. They forget to clean the clutter or organize the room. They may forget to make their bed or pick up their plates. Don’t scold them, let them gently know that they have forgotten. And, if possible, let it go for a few days till the exams are over.

6. Feed Them Healthy

Your kids an need extra boost of energy during exams. Give them memory boosting and healthy foods such as almonds, walnuts, fruits, green vegetables, etc. Also, keep them well-hydrated by giving them fluids like water, fresh fruit juices, smoothies or milk at regular intervals.

7. Encourage Them to Sleep

A human body needs at least 6-8 hours of sleep to function well, physically as well as mentally. There is no substitute for a well-rested body and mind to write exams. When your children make a study timetable, include sleep and leisure breaks as well.

8. Talk to Them

Children are after all children. At their age, the performance pressure can get too much, and they may break down. Reach out to them and offer words of love, encouragement and wisdom. Sometimes, moral support is all that they want from their parents.

9. Sort Out Their Pain Points

If you see your child stuck in some chapter or subject, lend your help to them. Ask them what portion is troubling them and try to explain it to them rather than leaving it to them. Encourage them to refer other academic material, Oswaal books or reference guides.

10. Stop Comparing

It is common for parents to compare their child to others. It creates a peer pressure and lowers their self-confidence. They may even feel depressed and demotivated, which adversely impacts their concentration and willingness to study. Always tell them that they did well last time and had full potential to do better.

All parents want their children to score high in the exams. But, these expectations can cause undue stress on them. It’s only exams, not a do or die situation!

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