How to support stressed-out students


How to support stressed-out students

6 Nov | Source: : Oswaal Books Editorial Board

Being teachers you know what is stress and mostly you are successful in building a stress-free environment around you. But you should never neglect the fact that even the students, studying in higher classes in schools and even in colleges also suffer from stress. Mostly the students are in stress at the time of exams, or maybe they get stressed out by any incident which happens in their class or with friends.

When the students are in stress they expect their teachers’ to empathize their situations and act accordingly, so being a teacher you should be aware about the tips and tricks which will help you to make your student stress free. The following are some of the most effective points which should be incorporated and practiced to provide the students stress-free environment:-

1. Communicate with Students:-

A teacher is a mentor, guide and true friend of a student. When a student is in stress try to open up several communication channels through which they can visit you and talk about their issues. The students should feel comfortable and discuss the incidents which create stress in their life. If the students prefer individual meetings then go ahead and provide them with the best support you can to help them to overcome stress.

2. Flexible Homework’s:-

It’s not compulsory that homework should be assigned every day rather teachers can give the students a set of homework and tell them to submit it on a particular date and day. This will make the students stress free and they can complete their homework with ease and this will not hamper their sleep and health as well if they are not fit to complete it on the present day.

3. Awareness about Time Management:-

Time management skills should be taught in the class as this will make the students learn how to segregate their work and complete it on time. This will help to eradicate stress as all the work will be sorted from before and everything will be done according to the set timetable by the students. 

4. Few minutes of Meditation:-

Meditation is the best way to stay stressfree in your life.  It will be great if five to ten minutes meditation is included in the curriculum every day at the starting and the end of the day. Teachers have to teach the students some breathing exercises which will relax the minds and bodies.

5. Involvement of students:-

It’s rightly said that "The empty mind is the devils workshop”, so never allow the students to sit ideally and listen to the lectures rather involve them in extracurricular activities, seminars and creative assignments which will make them far away from getting stressed.

6. Different types of Examinations:-

Exam time is the stress time. So the exams should be designed in such a manner which will not create a pressure on any kind of students, Rather the students should consider the exams as the platform where they will be made aware about their strengths and weakness. So the examinations can be oral, few written, creatively designed or assignments oriented.

7. Be open to Parents:-

You should talk with the parents of stressed-out children of your class and try to figure point what can be the reasons of the stress apart from the class works or exams. Try to help the parents to tackle their stressed children and if required then turn into a counselor as well and provide them professional assistance.

8. Assist your students to relish the learning procedure:-

Stressed out students no more loves to enjoy the phase of learning as they already decide the end result beforehand and get stressed out unnecessarily. The teachers should teach the students about the importance of discovering anything, problem-solving and also make them aware about the fact that the failures are the success of pillars. The students should be reminded every time that the grades can get better always and it’s nothing to get stressed out with.


We hope that the above-mentioned points will be beneficial for the teachers to help the stressed-out students. Oswal books and their question banks are really helpful in creating the best curriculum for the students which will make learning fun and will assist the students in a stress-free learning environment.

Stay Healthy & stress-free! 

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