How Technology Affects Our Children


How Technology Affects Our Children

27 Aug | Source: Oswaal Books Editorial Board

Technology is everywhere. You’re right now using one of its tools to read this piece. Over the past few decades technology has completely changed every aspect of our society. It affects everything from the way we work to the way we socialize. One of the differences that have been most noticeable is how children play and interact with each other as compared to children of previous generations.

Although technology does have many advantages for children, it’s very helpful when it comes to learning, entertaining and socializing, it has negative aspects too. It’s seen that technology, when not used judiciously, affects a child’s development and quality of life adversely.

Although technology has a number of benefits, it should be monitored and used appropriately. We bring you some tips to counter these problems and encourage your children to use technology responsibly.

1. Too much Technology adversely affects Relationships and Social Skills

Technology changes the way kids socialize and interact with everyone, this has a huge impact on their mental and emotional well-being. It has now become common knowledge; if a child or even adult for that matter is using social media excessively, it can lower their self-esteem and create negative moods. This is something that can have serious negative consequences as they grow and develop.

Instead of stopping your children to use technology completely, set limits on its usage for each day. Make sure that you monitor your child’s online activities regularly.

2. Health Problems

When children are heavily reliant on technology for entertainment they do not experience the benefits of spending time outdoors. Since they do not spend time outdoors there is a chance that their bodies lack Vitamin D which we get from sunlight. The overuse of any kind of technology can be harmful to children’s health. The more they use it, the less physical activities they do. Such children tend to be obese at a very early stage because playing games online is combined with snacking, substituting the balanced diet sitting on at a fixed place for hours. Over the time these habits can lead to a significant weight gain and other major health problems.

If your kids are interested in outdoor games or socializing with friends in ‘real life’, encourage them! Enroll them in some sports activity or hobby classes. Let them see their friends for an informal meeting where they can play games or study together. Show your support to your children, tell them you are there, this way they will feel more comfortable and will listen to you every time. 

3. Browsing Online Can Be Dangerous

The internet is full of harmful things such as virus, spams, phishing and many threats camouflaged as advertising. We, as adults can easily avoid them, but what about our children? The children can search for anything and everything online. But if their online activities are monitored regularly, they will not access unwanted websites.

As parents, you can make children aware of the potential negative consequences of overuse of technology. Monitor their activities online, make sure they don’t access any unwanted information.

You can make a lot of difference in how your child responds to technology. Set a good example as a parent. You, yourself have to make sure that you are not spending much time on your smartphones or computers. If you are constantly glued to these devices, your kids would also want and will depend on technology all the time.

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