Career Options Other than Engineering and Medical for Science Students


Career Options Other than Engineering and Medical for Science Students

17 Jul | Source: Oswaal Books Editorial Board

If you have science in class XII, then there are a lot of chances that you must be thinking of opting for engineering or medical as a career option.

Many science students naturally drift towards engineering or medical after completing school, because they never actually stop to evaluate their options. Remember, Engineering and Medical are not the end-all, be-all for a science student.

Oswaal Books shares 7 promising career options for science students after class 12th other than Engineering and Medical.



From discovering the theory of relativity to finding out that the Earth was round, physics has a wide variety of applications. There are many branches of physics and depending on your area of interest; you can make a career for yourself in it.

If you have always thought of landing a spaceship on some planet, then space technology is the one for you.

You can opt for research because there are many theories to test out and several discoveries are yet to be made. If your interest lies in teaching, then you can definitely plan a career as a teacher or a lecturer in physics.


2. Chemistry

If you have an excellent understanding of compounds, chemical reactions, and all things that are chemistry then holla! You can opt from various careers depending on your interest. If you want to make a career related to the farm industry, then Organic Chemistry, Biochemistry, and Agrochemistry are three fields that you can opt for. If you are a lover of space and stars, astrochemistry is there. In this, you study and research about the chemical composition and nature of materials in space.

You can also get an opportunity to work in high tech labs. There are several other career options also like Analytical Chemistry, Environmental Chemistry, Food Chemistry, Flavour Chemistry, Inorganic Chemistry, Metallurgy, Surface Chemistry, etc.


If maths is what you love to do then we are glad to tell you that this field has excellent career options. Mathematics offers a diverse range of careers such as Actuarial Science, Data Science, Insurance, Banking, Finance, Stock Market, etc. The world as we know it today is data-driven; thereby rendering those with brilliant numerical skills is considered a desirable resource.


Architecture is mainly related to constructing buildings and keeping in mind various aspects that need to be fulfilled while constructing these structures such as– ventilation, lighting, air conditioning systems, structural harmony, electrical systems and fire safety. You need to be good with sketching and also require to have complete knowledge about different principles laid out in Physics, only then you will be able to create strong unbreakable structures which can withstand the tests of weather and any other calamity.

There are various career opportunities in this field such as Urban Planning, Urban Design, Interior design, Sustainable Architecture, Landscape Architecture, Architectural Conservation, etc.

5.Forensic Science

If human anatomy and forensics studies interests you the most then Forensic science is your call. It is the major study of science and criminal justice. Forensic Science is basically a crime laboratory-based profession. If you opt for this field then you can be a Forensic Scientist, Forensic Toxicologist, Crime Scene Investigator, Forensic Anthropologist, Forensic Ballistics Expert, Polygraph Examiner, Digital Forensics Expert, etc.


Aviation is another field that is becoming a hot choice among the students, particularly the job profile of a commercial pilot. If you had physics as a subject in class XII, and you have always dreamt of flying then this is the perfect career for you. You can be a commercial pilot, a corporate pilot, an aircraft maintenance engineer, etc.


If you feel that you are a patriotic citizen, and you want to serve for your country & countrymen, then there is no better career than one in Defense services. Defense services have 3 different forces – The Indian Army, The Indian Navy, and The Indian Airforce. Your career opportunities would depend upon the particular defense force you wish to enter.

If you choose the Indian Army, then you can opt for the Combat Unit, Air Defense, Education, Army Services Corp., Engineering & IT unit, etc.

The Indian Navy offers you various career opportunities, such as – An Executive, Medical, Electrical and Educational branches, Engineering, etc.

On choosing Indian Air Force you can bag opportunities to work in the Flying Branch, the Ground Duty Branch, and Technical Branch.

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