Science, Arts, Commerce. What is your calling? Guide to choose the right stream

Science, Arts, Commerce. What is your calling? Guide to choose the right stream

27 June 2018 | Source: Oswaal Books Editorial Board

Board results are out and it’s completely natural to be confused about the big decision of choosing a right career stream. A lot of times students are puzzled and sometimes in peer pressure end up selecting a stream which is not suitable for them, thereby keeping their long-term career prospects at stake. So it is really crucial for the students to select the right stream.

Following are 5 steps which can help you make the right decision:


By the time you are done with the 10th grade, most students know about their capabilities and aptitude as well as choice. They must keep all these in mind while deciding onto a stream. Aptitude plays a very crucial role here. You must identify the subjects that you are not very good at. Knowing that if you still choose the stream with those particular subjects, you will have a tough time ahead! You may take help of online as well as regular aptitude tests to find out the correct stream for you.


Okay, so now when you know everything about your personality, aptitude, and strengths, you need to know about the streams in detail. You must learn about the subjects, difficulty level, career paths available, scope, etc. Find out as many details about the streams as possible talk to your seniors, teachers, parents and all other elders you are comfortable with. This will help you to analyze better and arrive at a conclusion.


Schools usually have an in-house educational counselor. So, it is a good idea to discuss your interests and take help from them. Being a qualified educational counselor, they will be able to understand you and find a stream that suits you best. Take your parents along; this will help them to get an idea about the whole process.  If you do not know any good counselor, you may seek the help of your teachers. They certainly know more about the subjects you are good at and how much potential do you actually have.

Attending career guidance seminars and educational fairs is also a good idea to explore career choices.


You must pursue what you love. This policy must be followed if you want to be happy and satisfied in the coming years. Sit with a pen and paper in hand, think about your area of interest and write down all that comes to your mind. It is absolutely normal even if you have multiple subjects of interest, pen everything down. Post that, work on shortlisting. Eliminate entries which you think are of less importance to you as compared to others. Keep on doing this unless you are left with the one entry that you are most passionate about.


If you are an extremely ambitious and are academically brilliant, it is obvious that you would want to build a rewarding career. Analyse each stream thoroughly and look for career options associated with it. The key is to find out what the future in a particular field will be like. What will be its demand in future? You must try to find answers to such questions to reach a final conclusion.

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