How to Change an Average Report card into an excellent one?

How to Change an Average Report card into an excellent one?

19 June 2018 | Source:

You’ve just got your mark sheets and you’re not very happy with the results. This is not the time to lose heart. It is advisable to work hard in order to improve your grades. Following are 5 steps which can definitely help you score better in your examinations.

  1. Pay Attention in lectures

The best way to improve grades is to learn and understand the subjects at the time they are being taught in the class. Do not miss school, get actively engaged in lectures. Make notes, ask questions, and participate in discussions. Follow the instructions of the teacher. Talk to the counsellor or teacher if you are having trouble in following what is being taught in the class.

  1. Develop a definite study pattern

Dedicate definite hours to studies. First, make a timetable writing the schedule you used to follow previously, inclusive of hours of study as well as relaxing. Now, make a new one dedicating some time to each of your subjects individually. This exercise will help you in monitoring how much time you waste each day and how can you utilize it effectively.

  1. Make studies fun

If you feel bored while studying then you are not studying the right way. There are various ways to make your study hour fun. You can make things interesting by using interactive learning software. Use creative stationery and desk gears which could help to make learning fun. You can also organise group study sessions with your friends and find solutions to the most difficult problems together.

  1. Get help from Teachers, parents or Tutors

If you are not able understand certain topic or subject, ask your teachers to help. If you still cannot wrap your head around it then you can try working with a tutor or you can also help for some help from your parents.

  1. Use your average grades as motivation

Learn from your mistakes. It’s okay if you could not do very well in your last exams, but, to not learn from it and continue with the laid-back attitude is a big mistake.  Rather than being discouraged, think of the bad grades as a feedback that can help and motivate you to do well in future.

Watch the grades in your report card getting better just by following these tips. Be the best in class!!!

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