Unique Green Inventions By Indian Students

Unique Green Inventions By Indian Students

11 June 2018 | Source:

As teenagers, most of us were busy playing with friends and were more worried about an acne outbreak than the challenges of developing nations, while these children are putting all their efforts to make our country proud with their unique inventions.

1. Solar Power Water Purifier – Deepika Kurup

14-year-old Deepika Kurup from Nashua, New Hampshire, saw some children drinking water from a stagnant pool in India. She made it her aim to find a solution to the global water crisis.  She developed a solar-powered purification system in the backyard of her house because of which she eventually earned a hefty award of $25,00 from The Discovery Education 3M Young Scientist Challenge. Let us find out how does this ingenious invention work?

After studying PhD papers over her three-month, with the help and support of her 3M mentor, trying out her prototypes with samples from the contaminated water of the Nashua wastewater treatment facility, Deepika Kurup came up with a system that could easily purify water containing harmful bacteria at low costs.

The process is like this – A chemical reaction is initiated when oxide and zinc oxide are exposed to sunlight, it forms superoxides and hydroxyl radicals which oxidize organic substances into water and CO2.

She then used her system to check the water quality and found that the number of coliform bacteria reduced from 8,000 to about 50 whereas E. coli bacteria reduced to zero from about 1000 in less than 8 hours.

Because of her thorough research and determination, she was able to achieve this amazing result with an amazing amount of efficiency and consistency.

2. Bee Saver Bot – Kavya Vignesh

A class seven student of Delhi Public School, New Delhi, Kavya Vignesh and her team built a bee saver bot to save bees from going extinct. It is believed that for one out of every three bites of food we eat, is because of the pollination done by the honeybees. Cross-pollination is very crucial for the crops and wild plants to thrive. Without bees pollinating many plants including food crops would be endangered or can also extinct. Bees are mostly killed by us humans through pesticides. When people see a beehive in or around their houses they call the pest controls and burn the hive. That kills about 20,000-80,000 bees. Nicknamed ‘Lightnight McQueen’, the invention can save millions of bees from getting hurt.

The prototype is a flying drone which with the help of a 3D camera gains 3D measurements by scanning the hive and its surrounding area. Then the shape of the enclosure which is needed to cover the hive and the bees’ altogether is designed with the help of CAD-CAM software. A biodegradable, reusable and breathable enclosure is printed with the help of a wood-based 3D printer. The quadcopters will then enclose the hive with two arms. With the help of a third a sharp blade, a third arm slices off the hive from near the wall and seal the enclosure. The enclosure will then be transferred to the nearest bee farm.

3. Banana Leaf Preservation Technology – M. Tenith Adithyaa

Unlike a regular kid of his age group, Adithyaa spends most of his time experimenting in his lab instead of playing with friends.

He realized that we regularly use a lot of plastic cutlery which is harming the environment and therefore he came up with an idea to make cups and plates with banana leaves.

The problem was– that the cell wall of a banana leaf is very soft, and dry up in maximum three days. So, to solve this problem Adithyaa invented a technology that hardens the cell walls of the banana leaves and prevents them from drying for about a year without the use of any chemicals. Not only this, preserved leaves can resist extreme temperatures and hold more weight than the original banana leaves.

These leaves are cost-effective and biodegradable. If disposed of in the right way, they can also be used as manure.

The Government of India and the Ministry of Environment and Forests has approved this project and Adithyaa has received various awards for the same.

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