How Can You Enhance Your Child’s Creative Thinking?


How Can You Enhance Your Child’s Creative Thinking?

28 May | Source: Oswaal Books Editorial Board

‘Creativity can only be harvested from a well-nourished brain’, this is a wrong notion. Many people assume that creativity comes with a child by birth, which their kids either do or do not have. But actually, creativity is more of a skill than inborn talent, which needs to be cultivated by the parents and teachers of the children. It is very important to introduce your child to creativity and innovation. It’s a tool that will help them not only in their journey through childhood but into adulthood too.

Here are some ideas that parents can adopt to foster creativity in their kids:

1. Give them the freedom to make choices

Stop telling your kid what to do every time. Help your child learn to be independent by making their own choices and decisions. Make sure that you are okay with either choice that you are offering but allow your child to chose and make the final decision.

Even if they ever take any wrong decision and, make some mistakes, do not discourage or scold them. Use mistakes as opportunities to learn.

2. Provide necessary resources to stimulate creativity

Time and space are the most crucial resources your child requires to stimulate creativity. Maybe give them a tiny corner of the house which is exclusively for them, or give them a wall and ask them to do whatever they can do to it.                                                          Gift them things like art supplies, cheap cameras, costume components, building materials. These mind building presents will enhance the horizons of their thinking.

3. Teach them different uses of a single thing or object.

Turn a household object into something else. Ask your child “what else could this be used as”? Example: tell them how a big cardboard box could be used to make a personalized space for them, making a card castle etc. Challenge your child to create new and unconventional uses for an object. Get ready to be mesmerized by their impressive imagination. And do not forget to appreciate them.

4. Ask Open-ended questions

Ask open-ended questions where there is no ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ answer, or where there are no definite and specific answers. The trick is to phrase the question in such a way that it stimulates their creative thinking in full flow. Ask questions that require more than a yes or no answer.   “What would you do if you had a genie"? , “If you could be invisible for a day, what would you do? Questions like these would enhance their imagination power.

 5. Take out time for your own creativity

Since kids learn from their parents, be creative. Join your child when they’re drawing or building. Never forget that the best method to teach them – is your own example! You should indulge in creative activities. Make something interesting out of scraps. Make something usable out of waste materials. Being read a book is also an excellent activity to exercise their creativity. Ask your child the possible consequences of various situations in the book before revealing the actual scenario.

Now when we have listed the best ways to inculcate creativity in children, help your kids become lifelong learners and grow up to be curious and innovative souls.

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