15 things teachers wish parents would teach their kids to succeed academically in school

15 things teachers wish parents would teach their kids to succeed academically in school

7 May 2018 | Source: Oswaal Books Editorial Board

Parents always think that imparting education in their children is the only duty of their wards teachers, but they forget the fact that maximum time spent by their children are at home, so the parents have to shoulder their responsibilities with ultimate diligence.

We have researched a lot and even spoke to numerous teachers of different classes and subjects, what according to them are the top 15 things which they desire the parents to teach their children which will help them flourish academically.

1. Read & Write

If the parents will start reading and writing with their children then the children will also start taking interest and desires to know more about the topics as, children have the tendency of copying their parents, so if they notice that their parents are studying with them, then they will also start imitating the same, which will improve their academics as well.

2. Be the best role model

Never discourage your child to study any subject or make him feel that he cannot do well in the exams or any particular subject, always try to motivate and act as a role model so that your child would love to act like you and turn positive as you are.

3. Don’t overprotect your child

We often witness that being parents we are overprotective for our child and we always try to keep them in their nests but parents should let their child explore the world and not get engrossed with books all the time.

4. Expectations should be high

No matter you are providing all your time to your child’s education or not, you should expect higher expectation from your child and make them realize that they can even do better, this will boost their energy. If you expect A then maximum your child will be getting B, if you will be happy with C then your child will surely bring D grades.

5. Move away from the screens

Today most of the children spend their maximum time in front of the screens, i.e., either watching television or playing games in the mobiles. It is not healthy as well as beneficial for him academically. Children should be sent out to play and explore the nature; they will learn so many new things while playing it. So the parents should be keen in letting their children play outside rather than putting them indoors always.

6. Don’t make them lazy

Parents should always try to keep their children active; to the extent it’s possible. Lazy children will never be good in studies and sports. They will always want to sleep or spend time on unnecessary things. Parents should keep a note that the children do homework regularly and actively participates in all the school activities.

7. Be involved

Always try to be involved in the performances of your children at school, it’s essential to attend the parent’s teacher meetings because from here you will come to know what your child does in school. Once you know, the deadlocks try to remove it as soon as possible because if you ignore then your child will fail, and this will be the worst situation for you.

8. Join hands with the teachers

Make sure your child feel and understand that you and his teacher are standing on the same panel and you will never take his side if his teacher has complained regarding his performances in school.

9. Interaction than technology

Children should be technically sound, but interaction is very much important than the former. Parents should let their children meet, play and interact with other children so that their interpersonal skills will develop and they will learn how to adjust and survive in life in the future.

10. Make them responsible

If you notice that your child is doing something wrong or has done something which is not acceptable then marks and warns him immediately and never entertains the excuses made by them, as this habit will only lead to degradation in his academics and personal life as well.

11. Build faith in the education system and teacher

Never confuse or make your child feel that the teacher or the education system is faulty or of no use. Rather always stay optimistic about it and make sure your child develops positive skills and love to explore and conquer new things which are taught in the class.

12. Give education the highest priority

It is experienced that parents who give education the highest priority their children do well academically as they always teach their children that without education they are nothing. The children understand the concept gradually, and its impact can be seen in their performances.

13. Let your children fail

Sometimes the children don’t understand unless they don’t face the situation themselves, so once they fail to achieve anything academically, the parents should become very strict and stop giving them what they want and there should be a strict no to playing video games and watching television.

14. Care of health

Children should be given proper diet which is full of nutrition, vitamins, and less fat. They should do exercise daily. these good habits will provide your children good health through which they will focus on their studies rather than on their ill health.

15. Have an eye on his school performances

If you mark that your children are facing some problems then try to consult the teachers and solve it immediately, all the deadlocks should be removed and his class performance should always progress and he should inculcate a habit of learning new things which will make him sound in academics, sports and all the other activities in which he will be involved.

We are sure that this blog will be beneficial for all the parents who are always worried to upgrade their children performance academically. We would love to know your views on the tips which are mentioned in the blog.

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