Adding Light To The Lives Of The Blind

Adding Light To The Lives Of The Blind

30 April 2018 | Source: : Oswaal Books Editorial Board

How would it be, if even the blinds could see? Sitting with his gadgets in his one-bedroom rented apartment in Nirjuli, Anang Tadar, the young innovator has made the most out of the resources available at hand.

He has developed Goggles for Blind with the help of technique of the parking sensors which can help the blind to walk around the streets without any support of the sticks. He has named his innovation - G4B Goggle for blinds.


The goggles have ultrasound sensors in them. The ultrasound frequencies bounce back when an object is close by, and the goggles start vibrating or beeping. These vibrations and sounds increase as the person or object start to get close to one another.

Tadar was awarded the Dr APJ Abdul Kalam IGNITE Awards 2017 and Dinanath Pandey Smart Idea Innovation Award 2017 for the G4B.



The idea for G4B struck him when a blind woman asked him for directions, it made him think how difficult it might be to manage when one can’t see anything other than black in a world where the streets are crowded and cluttered with electric poles, signboards, traffic, etc.

Not only G4B, Anang has invented other gadgets also, like robots, which could work effectively on all terrains and help a border state like Arunachal Pradesh in military and rescue operations. The genius boy has also made a drone at home, and is working on making it work more efficiently.

Hailing from a poor family, Anang has been using all his pocket money and sometimes borrowing money from his friends to build his inventions.

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Though his initial product is slightly bulky but with some help from the government and other inventors, he will improve on it and after getting it tested & approved, he will successfully launch the product in the market.

Now, when we have learnt about Anant Tadars’ hardwork and brilliance, it undoubtedly proves the quote that, “If you are determined to do something never stop until you achieve it, even if it takes too many years.”

Oswaal Books appreciates young talents for their absolute excellence & creativity. 

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