Guiding Tips for Parents to keep their children safe online


Guiding Tips for Parents to keep their children safe online

15 Feb | Source: : Oswaal Books Editorial Board

Presently the children spend maximum of their time online, and this is the most significant fear which parents have, as they want to know everything that their children watch online. But unfortunately, they are not aware of each and everything viewed by their children which increases their tensions randomly.

If your children are only playing games or watching their favorite cartoons on YouTube then, you don’t have to be worried so much. But, “Precaution is better than cure”, so it’s always better if you educate your children about the online pros and cons before they get more in-depth involved online.

The following are the tips through which your children can be safe online:-

1. Be familiar and engrossed:-

You have to be very firm and straightforward while teaching the ethics of online world. Analytically explain to your child what is right and wrong once they are surfing the internet. Make them aware of the dangers which they find online and teach them thoroughly to face them with potential. As we teach our children how to sit, walk and talk properly in the same manner we have to guide them how they can be respectful and responsible online.

2. Know your deeds:-

Before guiding or teaching online rules and regulations to your children, it’s better to know what they do online. Once you are aware, then analyze the websites and do thorough research about the scope of that particular site. There are specific techniques through which you can aloof your child from watching the insane things online. For example- there is a safety page on YouTube through which a parent can know about the content, privacy terms as well as cyber bullying.

3. Speak to your child:-

Be friendly and ask your child what he does online and also know who his online friends are. Randomly sit with your child when he is online and casually try to get an idea what he does online. Once your child sees you knocking whenever he is online, this will make him understand that being online is not a private entity. Please make sure that your child never conceals anything which he sees or does on online.

4. Impart knowledge about cyber-safety:-

Teach your children the norms of the internet, how to stay safe. Inform and educate your children not to share their personal information like –name, address, mobile number, photographs with any stranger online. Also, guide them that they should neither exchange their passwords with online friends nor click on the attachments send to their email ids by strangers as it may be a computer virus.

5. Fix the rules:-

Place the computer in the living room so that you can be aware, what your children browse online and also fix the time in which they can use the computers. For instance:-some parents have strict instructions for their children that they can’t use the computer before completing their homework and some fix only one hour time devoted to browsing the internet. You can set the rules which suit you best.

6. Check your online habits:-

Our children follow our footsteps, so be very careful what you do online. If you watch educational, motivational, funny or any healthy videos then automatically you will see that your children will try to browse these sorts of videos only. In this way, your children will be safe from watching all the unwanted videos.

We hope that this article will be helpful to all the parents who are worried about their children safety while they browse the internet. Please feel free to share your experiences and suggestions regarding this article.

Be Safe & Sound Online!