How Can Parents Help Children with Exam Stress?


How Can Parents Help Children with Exam Stress?

5 Feb | Source: : Oswaal Books Editorial Board

Let’s be honest. When it’s the exam time in your children’s lives, you are equally tensed. Would the kids be able to complete the syllabus? Would they clear the exams with flying colours? However, you being a parent, the onus of relieving the stress from your child’s mind lies completely on you.

Here are various ways you can become your children’s guardian angel during the exams:

  1.       Be There for Them

You need to be physically and emotionally present for your children when they are locked away in the room memorizing their subjects. They should be able to turn to you for help – whether it is a doubt related to studies or venting out their frustration. Having you by their side will give them morale-boosting confidence.

  1.       Help Them with Studies

Don’t limit your interference to ‘how much syllabus is left’ or ‘do you want me to take a revision’. Help your children to set up a timetable, and understand their strengths and weaknesses. Maybe they excel at solving the math problems, but fumble at English grammar. Maybe they are facing difficulty memorizing long answers. Sit with your children and chart out an approach that will help them deal with all these trouble areas.

  1.       Don’t Nag Them

If you constantly push your children to study and keep checking every hour how much syllabus they have covered so far, it could annoy them. They may feel pressurized and lose focus. Instead, let them know subtly that you expect them to complete a certain portion of the curriculum in ‘x’ amount of time and would do a follow-up after that. This way, you have given them a goal without posing any restrictions. Similarly, if your children are taking breaks and it stretches for a few minutes more, it is fine!

  1.       Attend to Their Health

Pamper their health! Feed them healthy foods, nudge them to take adequate rest and sleep, and make them do a bit of exercise daily. Your attention will have two-fold positive effects. One, it will keep your children’s body and mind active. Second, they will love the fact that you care so much about them. It will naturally send them positive vibes and ease their mind off all the worries.

  1.       Don’t Fuss Over Small Things

When the mind is pre-occupied with thoughts, it is a human tendency to become little absent-minded. So what if they messed up their room, didn’t switch off the television or left the towel in the bathroom? Ignore such trivial changes in their behaviour because they have a much bigger task weighing on their mind. After the exams are over, you have all liberty to express your disapproval and make sure that they maintain the discipline in the house.

  1.       Set Realistic Expectations

Every child is different. Some children can retain every single detail they learn in just one session while some take many revisions before they grasp the concept. Some children always excel more than others. But, it doesn’t mean that your child can’t. If your child is average in studies, it could be because s/he is good at something else. Of course, a bit of push is required to get them study harder, but you should refrain from comparing them to others. It may make them feel inferior and think that you are disappointed in them. Set realistic expectations; don’t expect them to touch stars in everything they do.

Your body language and behaviour speak a lot, and your children can understand it very well. So, keep a positive atmosphere in the house and give all support they need during exams.