How to stay motivated with low grades in the examination?


How to stay motivated with low grades in the examination?

2 Feb | Source: : Oswaal Books Editorial Board

Once we get low grades in the examination, the first thing which we do is start panic, but please understands that this will not be helpful in any case. It’s a fact that this is easily said than can be done. This is the reason; we have done thorough research and found the ways how to stay motivated after the disappointment of getting low grades. The below mentioned points will be helpful to keep you enthusiastic and motivated in your studies as well.

1. Know the pitfalls:-

To know your pitfalls or your mistakes, you have to contact your teacher and discuss the reason for getting low grades. Your teacher will explain you your errors, and you will be aware about your weak areas. Once you are aware where the problem is occurring then you can take the adequate actions to overcome them.

2. Formulate an action plan:-

Once you are aware of your mistakes and improvement area, then you have scrutinize the ways to rectify them. Formulate an action plan based on the materials available online and offline associated with your concerned subject. Also be aware of the fact that, now you should have all the notes for each and every topic.

3. Strictly follow the routine:-

It is witnessed that if you don’t manage your time correctly, then you will be left with disappointing results. To overcome this phase, you have to strictly follow the routine which suits for professional and personal life in the best way, and you have to stick to this routine. You will be amazed after witnessing the transformations in your grades after a stipulated time period.

4. Re-evaluation on regular basis:-

It is not a good idea to analyze your improvements at the beginning itself. Preferably you have to inculcate the habit of re-evaluating yourself on regular interims to be confirmed that you are on the right track. You also have to maintain a booklet where you should keep a record of which topics you have covered. If you are stuck anywhere then immediately contact your teacher to clear your doubts.

5. Avoid distractions:-

It is a tough task to avoid distractions in today’s world. You can be distracted from the notifications in your Face book account or by the chat messages in your messengers, etc. because of these distractions you are left with very less time for studies. If you seriously want to score good marks then you have to immediately cut off from spending so much time on social media portals and start downloading the useful apps which will be helpful in your studies.

6. See the motivational videos:-

Instead of chatting and browsing the internet throughout the day, its better that you watch specific motivational videos. You will be amazed to see that there are infinite numbers of motivational videos on internet, so just select the best motivational speaker according to you and watch his videos. If you watch these videos even for a few minutes, you will be positively charged.

7. Take break in intervals:-

Never over pressurize yourself as the results will never be fruitful. Undoubtedly hard work has no substitute, but even relaxation is necessary for consistently good results. So whenever you think you are exhausted, just take a break. Pamper yourself by doing what you love the most.

8. Do yoga, exercise or meditation:-

Doing yoga, exercise or meditation boosts your energy and makes you fit for studies by removing the lethargic feelings in you. These are also helpful to stay aloof from the negative thoughts which are released from the hormones for example endorphins. A fit person hardly falls sick and fragile, so your studies will not be hampered because of your ill health.

We hope that this article has been useful for all the children who witness such an incident in their life. We would be overwhelmed if you can share how helpful this article has been for you.

Be positive & motivated throughout your life!