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Here Is How You Can Understand And Develop Skills In Children

27 Jul | Source: : Oswaal Books Editorial Board

Parenting and teaching are the two most important and tough jobs to accomplish in the world. Understanding and developing the child whole-heartedly requires a lot of time, energy and money. Moreover, both parents and teachers need to have the definitive knowledge about developing the right set of skills in the child so as to ensure that they can provide for themselves in the future.

Hereby listed are a few steps that ensure the teachers and parents can understand the bent of mind of the child and nurture it so that they can merge their avocation and vocation.

Observing the child: It is important to observe the child and make note of the natural inclinations of the child. For example if the child is naturally inclined towards sports then pushing them towards being a book worm and ignoring sports completely will only make hi/her a mediocre student. It is however, advisable to strike a balance between studies and sports with more time diverted to sports. Taking them away from studies will only hamper their full development. They should know the basics well and prepare for a plan B in case the skills do not pan out the way you anticipated them to be in future.

Providing options: As a child it is difficult to know and explore all the options. Thus, it becomes the duty of parents and teachers to provide the same for the students. Tell them the pros and cons of everything that can be taken up and developed as a skill set for a fuller personality development. With all the options on the table they can easily pick and choose the ones that interests them the most and enhance them. You would be surprised at all the things your kids can do with these skills and make you proud.

Channelizing the energies: Once the skills sets have been chosen by the child, the parents and teachers must channelize all the energy that the child has in the direction of the skills. This does not mean tiring them out every time they desire go in the direction of developing the skill. There are different ways of doing the same. For example, if the skill involves a physical activity then reading up on the same can also give them ideas to perform better in the future. You could also make them join classes for the same so that a dedicated professional can teach the said skill and regularity for the same is maintained.

Personality development: One of the most important things that needs to be instilled in students is to develop their personality. This works both ways, If the child does what he/she like they end up getting confidence to perform well and along with the development of the skill sets it is important to give performance enhancers to develop their confidence. For example, a well read child can not only perform well but also talk about the same without any glitches. 

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