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Budding Career Options That Are Not Doctor And Engineer

20 Jul | Source: : Oswaal Books Editorial Board

Choosing a field to pursue a career is not an easy task to accomplish. The right path comes to you once you do a lot of research work on all the available options. Gone are the days when the only coveted career options were a doctor and engineer. These options paid bills, made you look smart and looked good on your profile. This is why everyone wanted to be a doctor or an engineer.

But times have changed. With constant development in every field, so many career options have cropped up that will give your career a boost and these are not run down the mill options. Hereby listed are some of these options:

Blogger: If you are a writer with an innate interest in lifestyle, fashion, education or anything that moves you write, then being a blogger is the best option for you. The perks of being a blogger is the fact that you can work from anywhere in the world and all you need is a laptop and Wi-Fi connection at your disposal. If you like being in a set environment with regular working hours then you can always join a startup for handling their blog needs.

Social Media manager: Another job that requires you to have a laptop and Wi-Fi connection along with some knowledge for all social media channels is being a social media manager. The companies hire such managers to handle their Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and other such accounts. The idea is to post on behalf of the company and engage with prospective clients to increase sales indirectly. So if you love spending time on the social media channels then all you have to do is turn this vocation into the desired avocation and you will be on your own cloud nine before you even realize it.

E-commerce startup: If you have a family business and your parents think that you would eventually take it forward, then do it your way and the cool way. Start and e-commerce website to handle your business and make a mark on the Internet. The Internet offers unlimited ways and means to sell. With knowledge of a setup, you can easily learn it and tap the untouched market for getting high sales figures. Imagine the expanse of audience you will get on the Internet as it connects you to people sitting miles away from you.

Advertising and Public Relations: We are very sure that you have wondered about who makes the awesome ads that make you giggle and who cover up the blunders that a celebrity makes with so much efficiency. It’s the people in advertising and public relations. You can easily be one of them by getting yourself a degree in this field. Even though it is not necessary to get a degree, it is recommended as it gives you the right platform to take off in the direction you want to. It provides the right kind of industry experience needed and you can also make contacts while learning.

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