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Best Ways To Utilize Summer Weekends

16 Jun | Source: : Oswaal Books Editorial Board

Summer weekends are the best and the most waited time for school going kids. The kids get time to relax and unwind without having to worry about tests and homework; parents breathe a sigh of relief as they get rest from a hectic schedule owing to kids. While it is okay to let the kids have it their own way during weekends, parents can make it more productive for their children by adding some activities that help the kids in indulging in extra curricular and learn something out of it.

Hereby listed a few ways that can helps students in utilizing their summer weekends in doing interesting activities apart from studying:

  • Practical learning sessions: While schools pay utmost attention to practical learning these days, even parents can take u weekends as the opportunity to take kids out for a heritage walk, a weekend get away to a nearby place for bird watching or a field trip to a place of their choice where they can practically earn the making of products and the learning of school can get etched in their minds forever.
  • Social service: Good habits can be imbibed in kids from the very beginning. During weekends a good way to spend time and occupy you along with the kids is to take them out for a social service session. This helps them develop the habit of helping people in need. You could make them donate their old toys and clothes to an orphanage or take them to an animal NGO that helps stray animals. This brings them closer to nature and develops a sense of responsibility in them over a period of time.
  • Grandparent’s day: Summer weekends are the best time for the parents or the elders of the house to teach about the customs and traditions of our culture because children of present generation have no proper knowledge of our culture. This culture is so much important our children to learn good habits as well as to grow in a disciplined way.
  • Take up a sport: Time and again we have harped on the fact that extra curricular helps in developing a strong personality of children. Weekend is a good time to spend their energy by indulging in a sport of their choice and make them learn a new activity in the process. In case interest for certain activity persists, the same can be pursued further in taking it up as a way of life or a career option as well. Your child could be the next Sania Mirza or Sachin Tendulkar with the right guidance.
  • Mind games: Mind games should be given more importance to improve the concentration power of the children. Children must be given training in Keyboard, Chess, Caroms, and Table Tennis etc. to improve the co-ordination between brain, eye and hand. Parents have to see that their children should spend some time in solving puzzles like Suduko, word puzzles and Mathematics puzzles etc. to sharpen their brains in order to improve their thinking power.


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