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Good Parenting Tips : Why Not To Worry About Your Kid Being An A-Grade Student?

25 May | Source: : Oswaal Books Editorial Board

Being a good parent entails a lot of tasks on daily basis. It need constant improvisation with respect to the your child’s reaction on your action. Parents need to take care of overall development of the child and this includes education, personality development, inculcating good habits etc.

However, it has been observed recently that parents get so involved in bringing up their children that the concept of ‘giving space’ to children is totally lost somewhere. They take every move of the child personally and this in turn gives undue pressure to students. Some can bear this pressure but the others break under it and resort to illiegal/wrong means that then fails the idea of parenting.

This is why it is highly suggested that parents should keep their nurturing in check. It is not good to intimidate the child so much that they live under the constant fear of being average. Parents and teachers must learn that even average kids can do really well in life. They should find perfect balance between parenting and over doing it.

It’s true that academic intelligence can lead to opportunity, but it’s not the only path.  Many great people have achieved the remarkable with little or no education. Richard Branson, Winston Churchill, Sachin Tendulkar and Dhirubhai Ambani are just some of those who attained success even though they dropped out of school or failed to complete any tertiary study.  Although these high profile figures lacked qualifications they are all united by a determination to achieve, perseverance in the face of adversity and confidence in their ability to succeed. Consider the following educational dropouts :

Thomas Edison – Only a few months of formal school – Mom taught him to read, write and do arithmetic – He’s the Inventor of Light bulb.

George Washington – President – General – Done with school by 16 – One of the founding Fathers of United States – Won a war.

Bill Gates – Left Harvard University at 20 – Everybody knows Microsoft, right!

George Bernard Shaw had similar thoughts. Who is he? One of those big losers. He didn’t like school so he became an playwright and co-founded the London School of Economics instead. Oh, he also received a Nobel Prize for Literature.

While there’s nothing wrong in encouraging ambition in children, it’s clear a one-size grade cannot fit all.   While pushing your children to the best has positive impact on them, over doing the same can have a negative impact on their personality. It’s hard to see how a child’s self-esteem can remain intact when confronted by the frustration and disappointment of his or her parents.  

Learning comes from a plethora of things in life. It is understandable that parents are besotted and want their children to do their best in life. But marks cannot validate the varied strength of your child. Every child has some or the other talent hidden in them and what required of parents is to identify the talent and simply turn the vocation to avocation. Doing a thing of their own interest makes children confident about themselves and they take every possible measure to do the best in the field they have chosen.

Another problem that children face is constant comparison with peers. Parents have the highest respect and love in the eyes of their children and they constantly seek approval from the former. The idea of other kid being better and being constantly appreciated by the parents can bring the moral of down to an all time low. This has had irreversible effect on some students as well.

Hence, giving your child love and right kind of teachings is more important than grades. Because if you show faith in them they will leave no stone unturned in making their life a raging success.

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