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Why Students shouldn’t worry, if they don’t score high grades ?

20 May | Source: : Oswaal Books Editorial Board

Advancements made in the field of education and the increase in level of competition has had varied effect on the students in the recent past. While the concentration level and efforts by the students has increased over a period of time, stress level has also gone up.

Stress is a normal and indispensable survival response that can enhance performance at optimal levels. However, if the professed or actual anxieties exceed the nominal amount it can have a negative impact on vigor as well as well being of an individual. Although the effects of long-term stress on the mind and body vary for each of us, common features include muscle tension, palpitations, pain, fatigue, low mood, attention difficulties, and poor concentration and decision-making.

Students end up taking extreme steps if the results are not up to the mark. This act has increased over a period of time. This is why; it is essential that teachers and parents do not let their children stress over results to a point where they are forced to take life-threatening measures. Some of the pointers that if brought into action will help stop this have been mentioned as under:

No over stressing please: As it has been discussed earlier that stress is only good till a certain point. It is essential to know the point and stop your children from going overboard. Nationally and internationally there are so many well-known personalities who have done unimaginably well in life despite their average grades during school times. Bill Gates, Dhirubhai Ambani, Steve Jobs, Sachin Tendulkar were some such examples who have proved their mettle in life.

Knowing their capabilities: It is not necessary that all students have an aptitude for studies. Some of them do just about okay in curricular but perform remarkably well in extra curricular. The parents and teachers must not pressurize children for studies. If your child knows how to score a hundred in a cricket field and cannot do the same in mathematics, he/she can still be the next rising cricketer of India.

Concentrate on practical knowledge:  Some kids attain good grades by mugging up the lessons from class. These kids might do really well during schools. But cramming knowledge does take you very far. The memory is short lived and when it comes to applying these lessons practically the former fails. This is why it is essential that kids fully understand the know how of all the lessons and subjects taken up in school and work on their practical knowledge.

Planning in advance: Most of the stress is generated when the learning is not done on time. Teach your kids to plan in advance, make a timetable and stick to it. Knowing the art of writing an examination paper also helps in relieving stress as it boosts the confidence of the child. Teachers must explain the right way to answer the questions, highlight important points and work on the handwriting so that the whole paper is legible to the examiner. 

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