10 Tips To Tune Out Distractions


10 Tips To Tune Out Distractions

18 Apr | Source: : Oswaal Books Editorial Board

We live in the world where distractions come easy to everyone. There is so much happening around us that we need to be a part of that we get distracted easily for the fear of missing out something interesting. While this can be curtailed when you are a grown up, kids find it difficult to stay attentive while studying.

Social media has added to the growing ADHD in students. The constant need for a social media validation has taking the charm of enjoying everything in life and most of tasks are accomplished is done only to get likes and shares.

Below pointers will help you stay focussed & avoid distractions :

Develop a routine: Routine sets your time to do everything. Parents must make sure that their kids know how to set a routine. At first the parents must do it on their behalf and when they get old enough to learn and manage things themselves then making a schedule should be left upon the kids. By closely following the rituals you have set, you can maintain focus and work better. As you progress in your course work, you can evolve the rituals that make up your daily routines using different techniques and practices that work better for you.

Designated place to study: Having a designated place to study is the best thing you can give yourself. With all the things of use, stationary, good lighting and fresh air in that place, your concentration will improve and the seating hours for studying will increase eventually.

Keep electronics at bay: Electronic gadgets are a necessary evil invented by science for us. They might have made the communication stronger and our lives easier but students have the tendency to get easily distracted by use of it. Hence, while studying it is highly recommended that the all the gadgets like, games, television and phone be kept away from students. The use of Internet should be limited for research purpose and the online distractions like Facebook and instagram should be blocked.

Learn to say “No”: Learning to say no to peers should one of the top most priority for you. They can create distractions that might push you away from goals. This is why it is suggested that you learn to say No when you have mores pressing issues like a due assignment or and examination that you need to cater to.

Refresh yourself: Just studying endlessly will tire your mind and the retaining power is lost eventually. It is essential to keep breaks in between study sessions. Do something refreshing and entertaining. Stray clear of gadgets at this point to time lest you end up straining your eyes and tiring them. A walk in park or playtime with pets is recommended. Students can also indulge in their favorite sport in the break time.

Set Alarms: In any endeavor, it becomes very easy to forget stuff, as you get busier and busier. If you are intensely involved in a project, for example, it often happens that you become so engrossed on what you are doing that you lose track of time and miss an appointment or an important phone call. Fortunately, Post-it and reminder apps exist.