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23 Sep | Source: : Oswaal Books Editorial Board

Few years back these words didn’t panic others. But nowadays these words are the most threatening ones. But the words remain the same. The perspective of these words have changed. I got the ambition of becoming a teacher since my 3rd grade. It’s definitely because of the inspiration of my teachers then. I used to observe my teachers. The way they speak and what they speak. When I was in 8th grade, few training teachers used to come to our class. As a result of my observing habit, I really didn’t like them at all. They’ll prepare something in a paper and read it out, or they want to impress their teachers and get marks, etc. From then, I thought like, "Why these people are coming into teaching??". Then after my 11th grade, I saw some other experienced teachers, and the way they taught. I started to hate teaching.

Anyhow I’m a teacher now, who want to make a change in the view of teaching.
The reason behind the stress on students and teachers is, as always, the expectation of the parents. Of course, every parent wants their child to be #1, in all fields. Even though, we all know that the performance of the students is based on their capacity. But we expect more than that from them. So they are in a situation to satisfy all the people around them, whether they like it or not. There are lot of movies which portray this situation of the children. But we still are not realizing it.

Another problem is, nowadays there are lot of distractions waiting for them. Movies, TV, commercials, Internet sites, mobile phones, etc. Wait, wait!! I’m talking like a normal teacher. Well, I hope I’m not. I’m not saying these all should be banned. I myself is obsessed with these things. I’m just saying that we have to teach them how to use these media effectively. A famous Tamil scholar Suki.Sivam once said in his speech that, if a car is made, and it’s not proper, then it’s not the car’s mistake, the person who made it takes the blame. Same way, if a child is not properly brought up, it’s not the child’s mistake, the blame is on the parents and the teachers.

The ultimate and easy way to make the students love learning is to "Create interest " in them. They should be ready to know and learn about the things around them. Unless and Until this interest has been created, the students will always be ready to keep things by hearted without understanding and keep them in memory and forget them as soon as learned. The one thing I always tell my students is "Don’t Study, Just Learn". Teach the students to listen. Listening is a great skill. Not everybody can do that.

Another important thing is Learning is always fun. 

I recently read a post on Facebook which states "Our education system doesn’t test your intelligence. It just tests your memory". I think it’s true.
Talking about teachers and teaching...

On last teacher’s day, a friend of mine had wished me through texting. But she had misspelled a word. She had sent as, " Happy Reacher’s day". She had mistyped ’R’ for ’T’.  But I thought it was something good. It isn’t enough if a teacher is a teacher. A teacher should be a reacher too. What we teach should reach the students.

Teachers use to plan their topics before the class. It’s a good thing. But as far as I observed, many teachers are not in-the-moment type. What they have planned, they execute it. Their job done?? Actually, No. Teaching should be spontaneous. A teacher should always be ready to educate them about other things. Whatever is around them. A teacher should be ready to talk normally to the students. Normal. It’s not a small word. Being normal really is a great deal.

A good teacher should make the student do the 4 ’I’s in the class to create the student as a great ’I’ in the world. The four ’I’s stand for Interact, Interrogate, Innovate and Initiate, then the student can become an Intellect.

We can discuss a lot about teaching and learning. But discussing is not enough. We have to get into action.

Love teaching and love learning and I’m sure we all will love the whole world around us.
That’s my work. Hope you like it.

By : Priyanka Karuppaiah, Teacher 

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