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Brace Yourself: Winter is coming

10 Nov | Source: : Oswaal Books Editorial Board

After having lit the whole city with lights of joy, after feasting on your favorite food and having celebrated Diwali with utmost zeal and enthusiasm it’s now time to pack your school bags yet again. There would be so many fun stories waiting to be told- but why does the reunion not excite you as much as it should? Why the process of getting ready for school which was seemingly easier last week has turned out to be a drill you’d rather want to skip?

The answer is lurking around with the wind that’s become a little too harsh on the face; Winter is here!

While we were busy exchanging sweets and glowing candles, winter made its way and with that starts the struggle of making it to school. On regular mornings, it’s still easy to spring out of the bed but when the temperature lowers down and you are nicely tucked in your soft and warm quilt, getting out of it becomes a really challenging task. Water, your favorite ally turns out to become one of your worst enemies- even a slight touch can send shivers down your spine. One needs to become a master of warming water as it should be neither too hot nor too cold. Putting on numerous layers of clothing is yet another challenge especially when you keep growing bigger and bigger each year. Early winters can be the weird times as you don’t know whether to switch off the fan or let it rip on full speed, you could make it go a notch lower but it starts becomes hot in the quilt; what sorcery is this? Thanks to your parents who help you go through the hassle of getting you through all these barriers that stop you from making it to school; they’re the real heroes who overcome their urges of sleeping a little late.

Winter comes with numerous challenges that take a while to overcome but within a few days down the line, winter doesn’t seem to be that bad either. The cold morning hue making droplets of water spread on every green leaf there is, standing in the assembly line and not even being able see the person in front of you, acting like a chimney while you exhale, getting to eat red hot soups and snuggling beside the fireplace/heater to read your favorite book. Remember playing sports during winters? It hurts so much if a cricket ball hits you or when you’re pinned down on the ground during a kabaddi game but one game whose popularity soars during winters is badminton; you could spend hours shifting the shuttlecock from one side of the court to another.   

Take out all your warm clothes, sweaters and jackets because it’s that time of the year when it gets cold, really cold. Brace yourself for the adventure that awaits, Winter is coming! 

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