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Schools to ensure that Indian National Flag is not insulted, says CBSE

In order to show respect to the national anthem, CBSE has issed directives to the schools to ensure strict compliance of National Flag code.

President Mr. Pranab Mukherjee said, ‘’No room for intolerance in educational institutions’’

In a special convocation organised by Mumbai University, Mr. Pranab Mukherjee said there is no room for intolerance, prejudice & hatred within the spaces of our educational institutions.

How to give your best shot in your Board exams this year ?

Examination are the most important & stressed-out time for students. Some students score very well while others underperform. Below are some exam tips to help the students.

Six subjects are mandatory for Class 10th Board exam from next academic session, says CBSE.

Students have to study only five subjects – English, Hindi, Social Science, Mathematics & Science. Now, it is mandatory for students to pick one vocational subject as per your choice from 13 subjects.

CBSE affiliated schools gave orders of approx 5 million books to NCERT, says CBSE

After the recent announcement of preferably using NCERT textbooks in all the schools affiliated by CBSE Board, the NCERT has received a huge order of 5.5 million books.

An app to help students locate their exam centre, launched by CBSE

The app named as ‘’Exam Locator’’ will help students to quickly know the location of exam centre just on the basis of their roll number.

CBSE Board shall introduce Skill Development Course in Class 9th & 10th

The subject of Skill Development shall be added as a compulsory or an elective subject which will be with effect from 2017-18 sessions.

HRD Minister Mr. Prakash Javadekar says that Development of Sanskrit & other local languages are our prime focus

The HRD Minister Prakash Javadekar said that developing Sanskrit & other local Indian languages is the priority of Central Government & HRD Ministry.

Incase you are disturbed by Loudspeakers after 10 PM, feel free to dial 100

Students should freely exercise their right to call the police & complain as government is also making sure that loudspeakers aren’t used near exam centres & they also intend to curb this menace which distracts the students with their studies.

The story of a teacher’s noble initiative Mr. Keshav Saran from Rampur

From taking classes under chaupals, this man built an inter college in Rampur which has a total strength of apprx 1300 students now.