Oswaal CBSE CCE Question Bank With Complete Solutions For Class 7 Combined Term 1 & 2 Science

Author: Panel of Experts

ISBN-13: 9789351279129
Edition: 10 May 2016

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<br/>HIGHLIGHTS<br/><br />
1.Strictly as per the NCERT Curriculum.<br />
2.Chapterwise Synopsis for clarity of concepts.<br />
3.Variety of questions from NCERT Textbooks.<br />
4.Activities for formative Assessment.<br />
5.Summative Assessment Questions includes MCQ, VSA, SA,and Long answer Questions.<br />
6.Include HOTS & Value Based Questions.<br />
7.Answera follow the marking scheme and the prescribed word limit.<br/

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ISBN-10 9789351279129
Weight 240 gms
Pages 120
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Language English

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