Oswaal CBSE Gulliverís Travel (Summary in Hindi) for Class 9 Term 1 & 2

Author: Panel of Experts

ISBN-13: 9789351277453
Edition: 15 Oct 2016

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1.Original & Unabridged Textalong Chapter Summary.
2.Chapter-wise Questions along with Glossary is provided to make easy understanding of the Chater.
3.Question based on Plots Tthemes ,Character Sketches & Incidents are given in the end .
4. The language used in the book is simple and accurate in order to enhance comprehenion of the novels
5.The books will enable the amalgamations of reding & writing skilla of the students.

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ISBN-10 9789351277453
Weight 50 gms
Pages 25
Available Paperback
Language Hindi

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